Obesity Disease

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Obesity Disease by Mind Map: Obesity Disease

1. Obesity leads to other diseases

2. Diet-related Problem

3. leads to increase in blood cholesterol and heart attack.

4. Obesity also leads to damages of internal parts.

5. Leading to obesity

5.1. Fast food

5.2. Extra calories

5.3. Lack of excersise

6. Over the years

6.1. A period of 5 years

6.2. Modernisation

6.3. Changes over the years

6.4. More food trends over the years

7. Nutritiuos and healthy food

7.1. Add hebrs and spices

7.2. Add fruits

7.3. Add more vegetables

7.4. Cook with healthy cooking methods

7.5. Explore healthy and creative snacks

7.6. Change cooking methods

7.7. Make it encouraging

8. Investigate

8.1. Find a solution

8.2. Sole the problem

8.3. Investigate on why obesity is increasing

8.4. Food that they are eating which leads to obesity

9. Food choices

9.1. Different choices to value your money

9.2. Culture, lifestyle, restaurants

9.3. choosing Locations and budget.

10. Prevent

10.1. Preventing obesity by eating healthy food.

10.2. Nutritious and healthy food

10.3. Cook food with healthy methods.