Family Crest Project

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Family Crest Project by Mind Map: Family Crest Project

1. I. Your family sheld/coat or arms

1.1. my family shield and crust is "owens"

2. La'Shaun Owens Family Crest/Tree

3. II. All About You

3.1. Haile Gebre Selassie runs world record 5 km (12:56.96)

3.1.1. The hobbies that i am interest in is working on cars and cooking. my friends would describe me as funny silly nice mead sweet person. my family describe me as a nice crazy goofy person.

4. III. Mother (or Guardian)- maternal side of your family

4.1. my mother is 5'3 with short black with brown eyes brown skin.

4.1.1. my mom values are that she want me to make something out of my self. my mom enrich ,y life by supporting everything i do.

5. IV. Maternal Grandparents

5.1. My grandma is bout 5'2 she is light skin she is 76 short black hair.

5.1.1. my grandma Claudia Rancher believe that if i put enough effort i can do anything i want to. my grandma Claudia Rancher enrich my life by being there for me when i need it the most my favorite moment with my grandma Claudia Rancher is every time we got home to Illinois and i get to hug and see her

6. V. Your role Modle (male or female)

6.1. my role model in my life is my mom because she raise me all my life and cant nobody replace her and she also tough me to be independent

6.1.1. my mom has a lot of value for me because she don't want me to end up like everybody else that's not doing anything with their life She enrich my life in so many ways i cant list them all