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ed's akuma by Mind Map: ed
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ed's akuma


cross up rh empty demon flip

low jab, standing fp, ex fireball, dash, low strong, throw

demon flip

low jab

close fierce, demon flip


countered by jab headbutt

low short


empty demon flip

low short, standing strong, low jab, standing jab, sweep

early FP air fireball

empty demon flip

low forward

ex fireball, counter with ultra

crossup roundhouse

low short

low jab, wait, low jab

low short, low forward, ex fireball, counter with ex dash sweep, counter with ex smash

standing rh

standing jab

demon flip, counter with standing strong

low strong

low jabs

counter with ex sweep

standing rh (if far)

demon flip


low jab low jab

focus, forward dash, low short, low jab, standing strong, counter with ex sweep, counter with ex smash, back dash out


far strong

standing, strong, roundhouse, forward, fierce

low forward whiffs

counter with low strong

far roundhouse

ex headbutt

back dash


crossup hurricane