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My Social Toolbox by Mind Map: My Social Toolbox
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My Social Toolbox

I'm using this mind map to sort out the tools in my social toolbox and try to finalize their purpose.



also used for lifestreaming for a long time

Social Networking


I still hate myspace although it has vastly improved since I joined. It is of limited use, still most of the musicians/members of maintain myspace pages, so I feel I need to keep this account too. I will be glad to delete it when that time comes.

Batch Updates



RSS Graffiti


My main Blog & website -

my main blog and website

My tumblelog - Tumblelogs of Blues.Gr - -

carrently aggregating but should be used as place to post smaller stuff that would normally wo to twitter but need to be longer than 140 chars

My posterous - Another one on blues -

same as tumblr but used mostly to forward e-mails. Could also be considered for updating other places.

My Blues Blog -

main blog about blues stuff

My Greek Blog -

Used as an extra blog to blog in Greek about politics and other greek mostly stuff.

.net blog



My main microblogging tool.



Obsolete. Probably should be deleted.

Media sharing