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Goals by Mind Map: Goals

1. Relationship

1.1. Katharine

1.1.1. What do we create together? In the words of Amanbir "Keep creating love together."

1.1.2. Teaching - Plans - Goals? How can we help / be of service together?

1.1.3. Living together - ideas - location - goals - ways to make it happen!

1.1.4. Where do we see ourselves in 3 months? 6 months? 1 year?

1.1.5. Financial goals - per month, realistic timing, how to let the prosperity F~L~O~W - & ways to connect to it. Where do we want our prosperity to come from, & how much do we want of it?? Where / what is our energy going into?

1.1.6. Who do we socialize with? Who do we want to attract? Divine Alignment

1.1.7. How can we strengthen our connection through spiritual means?

1.1.8. Intimate adventures!!! Wet, Wild & cray cray.... Mini Vaca's

1.2. Family

1.3. Community / New People

2. Business

2.1. Be Kept Up

2.1.1. Site Changes Add more to services - site description + hourly description + random design description Add more to portfolio 2 Blog Posts Weekly Careers page edits Video from videohive Voiceover Hire on upwork to edit

2.1.2. Structure Delaware LLC Free Registered Agent for Address in State DBA? Company Name? Business EIN

2.1.3. Hiree Develop System Mechanism for new hiree. Have a team do majority of work and supervise while keeping integrity / quallity

2.1.4. Marketing Budget? Methods We work message boards Thumbtack Physical Mailing Campaign Google Ad Words Facebook Ads Blog Posts Paid Instagram Post - Derek 100k followers Target market? Demographics? Who are my current clients?

2.1.5. Office Licensing? Permits? Taxes? NYC Base? Options? We work $400-600 / month

2.2. Kombucha company?

3. Routine / Habbits / Lifestyle

3.1. Sadhana

3.2. Writing

3.3. Learning Spanish

4. Teaching

4.1. Group Classes???

4.1.1. Workshops @ Phoenix or Talisman

4.2. 1 on 1's

4.2.1. Jillians Clients

4.2.2. Anne & Frank?

4.2.3. Jonathan & Nick

5. Education

5.1. Reading Books

5.2. Conferences

5.2.1. Liberty Fest

5.3. Watching Videos

5.4. Public Speaking

5.5. Writing

5.5.1. What to write? Distribution?

5.6. Learning Spanish

5.6.1. Rosetta Stone