Present Perfect to talk about an experience

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Present Perfect to talk about an experience by Mind Map: Present Perfect to talk about an experience

1. Form

1.1. Positive

1.1.1. Examples I have eaten crocodile. She has eaten crocodile I've eaten crocodile He's eaten crocodile

1.1.2. Long Subject + has/have + Past Participle

1.1.3. Short Subject + 's/'ve + Past Participle

1.2. Negative

1.2.1. Examples I have not driven a car I haven't driven a car He hasn't driven a car She has not driven a car

1.2.2. Long Subject + have/has + not + Past Participle

1.2.3. Short Subject + haven't/hasn't + Past Participle

1.3. Question

1.3.1. Examples Have you eaten crocodile? Has she eaten crocodile?

1.3.2. Long Have/has + Subject + Past Participle

2. Usage

2.1. To talk about a past experience in your life. From the moment you were born until now.

3. Pronunciation

3.1. Short forms

3.1.1. I've

3.1.2. He's

3.1.3. She's

3.1.4. It's

3.1.5. You've

3.1.6. They've

3.1.7. We've

3.2. Past Participle Regular verbs /ed/ sound

3.2.1. /d/ sound Last sound before -ed vibrating moved answered

3.2.2. /t/sound last sound before -ed non vibrating worked laughed

3.2.3. /id/ sound last sound before -ed a /t/ or /d/ sound decided waited