Essential Question #7

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Essential Question #7 by Mind Map: Essential Question #7

1. What would my classroom look like?

1.1. Future

1.1.1. New technology Digital textbooks No pencils or paper Self-reliant learning No teacher present

1.2. Now

1.2.1. Textbooks

1.2.2. Desks

1.2.3. Teachers

1.2.4. Writing utensils

2. Do classrooms of the future have teachers?

2.1. Yes

2.1.1. Teachers are there not to teach them the course but to teach them about the digital technlogy and how to use it to learn the course.

2.2. No

2.2.1. Students will be learning on their own, with the help of the courses through the school's digital technology. Teachers won't be needed.

3. What kind of technology do the students have access to?

3.1. Whatever technology is available to the students in 20-50 years. Whatever can be used to improve their learning in a the easiest way possible. This way, students will be able to go at their own pace with a course if the don't have to go at the speed of the teacher. If they need extra time on something then they'll get it. If they want to skip ahead because they already understand something then they can do that as well.

4. How is information communicated?

4.1. Students won't be handing their work in to the teachers to mark anymore. They will hand them in through the computer(or whatever technology people are using years from now) and it will be marked and handed back to them digitally.

5. Does technology enhace or hinder learning?

5.1. Right now

5.1.1. Lots of students are immature when it comes to having technology in class. They use it as a distraction and it keeps them from paying attention. Only few students use their Ipads, Ipods, and cell phones to help enhance their learning, while the rest goof off and text their friends or play games/listen to music.

5.2. In the future

5.2.1. I think in the future all students will be using technology as their way of learning so it wouldn't really work to use it as a way to get out of doing work. It'll enhance their learning, because it'll be a great way of getting work done for a lot of students.