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Hotels KR by Mind Map: Hotels KR

1. Competency Questions

1.1. Google query: "I need a hotel that"

1.1.1. allows pets

1.1.2. in the heart of Manchester City Center

1.1.3. will pick me up at the airport

1.1.4. walking distance to aquarium

1.1.5. easy to navigate (close to train station)

1.1.6. me and my business members can stay in (many rooms)

1.1.7. centrally located

1.1.8. is cool, in a young and trendy area

1.1.9. close to conference

1.1.10. safe

1.1.11. reasonable priced

1.1.12. can afford

1.1.13. family oriented

1.1.14. allows dogs

1.1.15. has a room safe

1.1.16. closest to the major sights

1.1.17. both efficient and charming

1.1.18. that a hotel that as a room for 2 adults and three kids

1.1.19. Will allow me to store my mountain bike

1.1.20. suitable for children

1.1.21. will sleep 8 in vegas

1.1.22. fairly cheap, nice, clean

1.2. Trip Advisor Forum

1.2.1. close to a railroad

1.2.2. close to tube

1.2.3. has a beach

1.2.4. on the hip strip

1.2.5. great pool

1.2.6. near the amusement park

1.2.7. that is nice with good food

1.2.8. safe

1.2.9. that will keep our luggage after we check out

1.2.10. close to the airport

1.2.11. hotel that caters for early arrival

1.2.12. 4/5 star hotel

1.3. Google: I want a hotel that

1.3.1. will allow 25 guests to hang out

1.3.2. gives me quite environment

1.3.3. close to clients office

1.3.4. not a long walk from the resort or beach

1.3.5. easily accessible to everything

1.3.6. looks like the Ritz

1.3.7. guaranteed to have a pool

1.3.8. has smoking rooms

1.3.9. window view of nature

1.3.10. wireless internet access, no smoking, restaurant bar

1.3.11. best location, elegant, spacious, great view

1.3.12. strip area

1.3.13. good service, safe

1.3.14. includes breakfast

1.3.15. good for nightllify, comfy rooms, big rooms

1.4. Twitter

1.4.1. close to the airport

1.4.2. close to the pubs

1.4.3. near donnington park

1.5. Google query "I want a hotel in * that"

1.5.1. close to helipad

1.5.2. calgary downtown

1.5.3. in the prime shopping district

1.5.4. has a spa that is on par with

1.5.5. nice hotel in the downtown area

1.5.6. resort hotel in the city that is unlike any other

1.5.7. in walking distance to a pace that i can swim with dolphins

2. Existing Conceptualizations

2.1. Bing

2.2. eTourism Ontology