Supermarket power

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Supermarket power by Mind Map: Supermarket power

1. Foreign and Migrant workers, Lina pg 86

2. Consumer society - Baumann - seduced/repressed pg 25

2.1. Personal Todo List

2.2. Vacation Planning

2.3. Meeting Minutes

2.4. Project Plan

2.5. more...

3. Klein pg 86

3.1. Offline Mode

3.2. Geistesblitz Tools

3.3. Email & SMS Gateways

3.4. Offline Mode

4. Blythman pg 74 Dundee example of loss of small local shops

5. zero sum/positive sum game

6. Market and buying power

6.1. Market share

6.1.1. INS to insert (Windows)

6.1.2. TAB to insert (Mac OS)

6.1.3. ENTER to add siblings

6.1.4. DEL to delete

6.1.5. Press F1 to see all key shortcuts

6.2. Bargaining power/Bulk buying/loss leaders

6.2.1. Online Help

7. define power:influence/domination/control

8. Shopping environment - Jackson pg 45 Suitable for use by all? Disabled/elderly? Artisan/local produce?

9. local opposition dependant on class/wealth/dependancy of area - Glasgow example

10. evidence from audio disc. City Rd shoppers desire to use local shops but cannot buy products needed there. Back up of Jackson pg 45 - local shoppers city Rd often feel unsafe.

11. Beyond High St. Out of town stores, Internet, plus effect on suppliers/workers/consumers to consider.