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ecommerce next version by Mind Map: ecommerce next version

1. Notifications

1.1. End user notification

1.2. Validator Notification

2. User Profiles

2.1. User Profiles

2.1.1. Profile I users Paid Shipment Only

2.1.2. Profile II users Free shipment

2.1.3. Internal Samplers can issue internal sample orders

2.1.4. Proxy Sample User PSU. P.S.U users has the option of Drop shipment PSU User is Mastered in Ind.Passport To be migrated into LMU

2.2. User profiles are defined in LMU Based on Rules

3. Order Processing & Routing

3.1. Generic Order Routing Rules

3.1.1. SINGLE Distri order (no Split)

3.1.2. User from China P&S Preffered partner IF parts in STOCK Otherwise DGK

3.1.3. User Outside China Routed to DGK

4. Product management

4.1. Product Display

4.1.1. Internet Orderable Table Sample Button

4.1.2. Internet eSample Selector

4.2. Free Sample Product eligibility Criteria

4.2.1. Based on DGK Daily feed

4.2.2. CPN Maturity 29,30

4.2.3. CPN Restrictions CPN Silicon Only CPN Type = DT Boards and Tools NOT included CPN Software NOT Included Public CPNs ONLY

4.2.4. CPN Free Sample Flag To be defined by PnL Positive Selection Positive Removal

4.2.5. CPN Free Sample Max Quantity

5. Cart Management

5.1. Shopping Cart Validation

5.1.1. Max 8 Free Line items eSample Max Qty per line item Unlimited Parts per line item for Identified (Gold) Users

5.1.2. Max Total Cart : 35 parts

5.1.3. Cart must be served by a Single Distributor

5.2. Post Checkout LMU Manual validation needed for Internal sampling.

5.3. Level I User (rejected) will get a message at login to eStore

6. External system interface

6.1. Lead Management

6.1.1. User profile web service

6.1.2. Order validation web service Order information must include Routed Distributor

6.1.3. Order Status update

6.2. Ind.Passport

6.2.1. User Product Prefferences Update

6.2.2. PSU User profile web service ?

6.3. P&S

6.3.1. Web Services Get Product Checkout Shipment Detail

6.3.2. Daily EDI Feed

6.3.3. Sample Cost Reporting

6.4. Mouser

6.4.1. Web Services Get Product Checkout Shipment Detail

6.4.2. Daily Stock EDI Feed

6.4.3. POS Identification

6.5. DGK

6.5.1. Stock Daily EDI Feed

6.5.2. EDI messaging for order processing

6.5.3. Monthly COST consolidation excel files

6.6. PRMIS

6.6.1. eSample Flag

6.6.2. eSample Max Qty

7. User Forms

7.1. My Project

7.1.1. Header text To confirm the order, fill in the questionnaire and click on the "Confirm Order" Button at the bottom of the page. Note that fields marked with * are mandatory.

7.1.2. Application End Application

7.1.3. Project Title

7.1.4. Project Description

7.1.5. Please keep me informed for future software relases

7.1.6. Confirm Order

7.2. Shipping Address

7.2.1. Header text Fields marked with * are mandatory. Please make sure that your shipping address is not a PO Box as your parcel will not be delivered.

7.2.2. Address line 1

7.2.3. Address Line 2

7.2.4. City

7.2.5. Zip

7.2.6. Country State / Province

7.2.7. Phone

7.2.8. Copy From Mailing