Dizcover Apps 1. Animate 2. Post 3. Chat 4. Poll 5. Photo 6. Cards 7. Reflection

Template Map for TEDx Events

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Dizcover Apps 1. Animate 2. Post 3. Chat 4. Poll 5. Photo 6. Cards 7. Reflection by Mind Map: Dizcover Apps 1. Animate 2. Post 3. Chat 4. Poll 5. Photo 6. Cards 7. Reflection

1. iChat

1.1. Web-Module

1.1.1. Does not allow attachment of Media only Chat

1.2. Mobile-Module

1.2.1. Limitation to 20 users but will see if can push to 45

1.2.2. Allows insertion of Photos/Animation/Poll

2. Cards

2.1. Flipcards

2.2. Flashcard

2.3. Greeting Card

3. iPost

3.1. Reference from Wallwisher

3.2. Web-Module

3.2.1. Ability to arrange post in order (Auto or Manual mode) No fix sizes for post but fix location when in Auto mode, look n feel like Pin-Interest (See Link)

3.2.2. Access Rights following Google Docs (Public/Private/Anyone w link etc)

3.2.3. To have Custom Co-operative Learning Templates SWOT, MURDER, 5Ws+1H etc

3.2.4. Different BKG sizes/resolutions In anticipation of large posts, choose bigger resolution

3.2.5. Allows attachments of media (URL,Image,Video)

3.2.6. Function to 'Highlight' certain posts so its 'enlarged' similar to Facebook Highlights for Photos

3.2.7. When clicking on any post, it would 'pop-out' and reveal icons to Share Post to various social media sites

3.2.8. Backend: Users should be able to drag and collapse different boards into 'Folders' for categorization

3.3. Mobile-Module

3.3.1. Find 'Boards', Contribute to 'Board', But not see the board, Boards can only be seen on the web-module

4. iAnimate

4.1. Save as a video clip

4.2. Animation of Text, Images, Voice, Inking (Draw)

4.3. Only Mobile-Module?

5. Poll

5.1. Web-Module?

5.2. Mobile-Module

5.2.1. Create a Poll

6. Photo

6.1. Mobile Module

6.1.1. Take a photo Filters? Add Text? Like Instagram?

6.1.2. Tag a Photo (Something like ThingLink?) See Link Share with friends, Class Add links to Video, URL, Location Additional notes

6.1.3. Gallery?

7. Reflection

7.1. Instead of "Send invites" for friends to join, we should go towards "Share with". Once Use A shares with User B, User B should see the new addition to the "friend's list". User B can then decide to remove from friend's list as and when he prefers

7.2. For each of the reflection posted (can be video, text...), still provide the usual social network features e.g. likes, comment, publish to FB

7.3. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B3B7bNjHRR98d25SY0ZoWTJFVzQ/edit