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English by Mind Map: English

1. Short term goal

1.1. Improve my vocabulary this term

1.1.1. Read a difficult text

1.1.2. write down the words i don't understand

1.1.3. learn the words

1.1.4. read the same text in end of term

1.2. Achieve in the course

1.2.1. study every day

1.2.2. make a glossary

1.2.3. take part in all assignments

1.2.4. Submit all assigments

2. Long term goal for the next 5-10 years

2.1. Finish school

2.1.1. Study hard

2.1.2. Go to every class

2.1.3. do the homework which is set

2.2. be a flight attendant

2.2.1. Be good at english

2.2.2. be able to talk to people in spanish

2.2.3. be good at communicating with people

2.2.4. have an initiative