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1.1. Definition: desire to know

1.2. Function: emotional engine of learning

1.3. Synonyms:

1.3.1. curiosità (Italian), wonder, enquiry, inquisitiveness,

1.4. two types

1.4.1. Sensory/exploratory (physical)

1.4.2. Intellectual (mental)

2. WHAT do curious people do?

2.1. observe closely with senses

2.2. ask questions

2.3. look for answers

2.3.1. research

2.3.2. discuss/interview

2.3.3. investigate

2.3.4. experiment

2.4. compare and connect ideas

3. What kinds of things are we curious about?

3.1. New or different

3.2. pleasing or stumulating

3.3. Alarming or disgusting

3.4. relevant or useful

3.5. seemingly impossible

4. How does it work in the BRAIN?

4.1. theories

4.2. brain function

5. How did Leonardo demonstrate his curiosity?

5.1. He asked original questions that stumped his teachers

5.1.1. How can students ask questions that will stump teachers?

5.1.2. Who were Leonardo's teachers and what did they teach him?

5.2. he drew almost everything from 3 or more perspectives

5.3. He observed and investigated most things for himself

5.3.1. Why do many curious people consider primary research better than secondary research?