Physical Quantities and Units

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Physical Quantities and Units by Mind Map: Physical Quantities and Units

1. Length

1.1. Instruments

1.1.1. Micrometer Screw Gauge precision 0.001 cm

1.1.2. Metre Rule precision 0.001m most common

1.1.3. Vernier Caliper precision 0.01cm uses diameter depth

1.2. Definition

1.2.1. Length of the path traveled by light in a vacuum during a time interval of 1/299792458

1.3. SI Unit

1.3.1. metre symbol: m

2. Mass

2.1. SI Unit

2.1.1. Kilogram Symbol: kg

2.2. definition

2.2.1. The quantity of matter it contains

2.3. Instruments

2.3.1. Electronic Beam Balance precision 0.1g

3. Time

3.1. SI Unit

3.1.1. Second Symbol: s

3.2. Definition

3.2.1. 9192631700 times the period of oscillation of radiation from the cesium atom

3.3. Instruments

3.3.1. Digital Stopwatch precision 0.01s Note: human reaction error ( about 0.3s)

3.3.2. Pendulum String attached to a bob repetitive motion Oscillation