Community Food Gardens

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Community Food Gardens by Mind Map: Community Food Gardens

1. Leased/Donated/Church Land?

2. Back To Eden Gardening Methods


2.2. Low Maintence Garden will not require water, fertilizer, or tilling. Woodchip mulch and compost layering all year round. Easy maintenance.

2.3. Film Screening on Galiano to promote the Food Bank project using sustainable organic techniques in the film. Hosted by the St. MoS Church. (Brings people to the church to build community)

2.4. Appeals to Christian community through spiritual approach to gardening.

3. Food Bank Vegetable Garden (St. Margaret of Scotland Chruch)

3.1. Volunteers from FB can give their time to maintain the garden together at set hours much in the way hours for the food bank is set up. Volunteers can trade work for produce when they come.

3.2. Volunteers should include all ages of people in the community. Emphasis on this being a family event to go volunteer to get their food. Goal is to have self sustained food availability to those with lower income.

4. Galiano Community Food Program

4.1. Supplies any of; volunteers, coordination, materials, seeds, resources, donations

4.2. Jane Wolverton: [email protected]

4.3. Holds educational gardening events for children and families

5. Garden Club

5.1. Mentor program with volunteers, seeds, supplies, tips

6. GLCHT (Green Affordable Housing)

6.1. Doug Latta: [email protected]

6.2. GLCHT Community Garden on Land or shared property with Food Bank Garden?

7. Grants

7.1. Government Grants

7.1.1. Green Municipalities Projects?

7.1.2. (Sustainable Communities?)

7.2. Organization Grants

7.2.1. Sow It Forward Roger Doiron: [email protected] Food Garden Grants for cash, supplies, seeds