Tips for Effective Visuals in a presentation

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Tips for Effective Visuals in a presentation by Mind Map: Tips for Effective Visuals in a presentation

1. visuals

1.1. Use relevant images

1.2. Use common symbols

2. Text

2.1. One line of text per bullet

2.1.1. New node

2.2. Keep text to a minimum

2.3. Use spacing effectively

2.4. Bold headings for emphasis

2.5. No paragraphs on the slide

2.6. consider relevant graphics to replace text- such as screenshots, pictures

2.7. Organize related items together

3. Charts

3.1. Put Title on top

3.2. Keep titles clear

3.3. Use Scales:


3.3.2. possibly emphasize contrast between data points, as ethically as possible

3.3.3. contain info about UNITS

3.4. Watch formatting

3.4.1. Labels & Titles should not be cut off

3.5. Include legend

3.6. Keep it simple

4. Rationale

4.1. Howard Gardner: Multiple Intelligence Theory

4.2. Dual coding theory: verbal & visuals are stored differently in the brain

5. Titles

5.1. Should represent theme of slide

5.2. Use catchy titles to grab attention

5.3. Should be Succinct