Strategies that would help motivate me

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Strategies that would help motivate me by Mind Map: Strategies that would help motivate me

1. More interaction with other students

1.1. performance goals

1.2. intrinsic goals

1.3. self assessment compared to others

1.4. positive feedback

1.5. anxiety - good

2. You Tube videos and online lectures

2.1. intrinsic goals

2.2. mastery goals

2.3. influences my motivation to learn

2.4. self efficacy

2.5. helps with self determination

2.6. personal interest

3. More teacher feedback

3.1. attribution values

3.2. anxiety - good

3.3. performance approach goal

3.4. help with goal setting

3.5. reinforce positive behaviour

3.6. encorage self determination

3.7. self assessment and learning

3.8. performance goals

4. Practicing on real life subjects

4.1. mastery goals

4.2. personal interest

4.3. motivation to learn

4.4. performance goal

4.5. functioning in a real life environment

4.6. self assessment

4.7. monitoring goal