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Images of Organization by Gareth Morgan by Mind Map: Images of Organization by Gareth Morgan
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Images of Organization by Gareth Morgan

Ch9 - Organizations as Instruments of Domination

Orgs are set up for the majority working for the interests of the few

Weber's Typology of Domination

Marx - Das Kapital

Corporate irresponsibility & cover-ups; worker conditions; environmental degredation; ... many examples

Impacts of workaholism; social/mental stress

Multinational Corporations

Small deviations in standards can lead to disastrous events

Costco vs Sam's

Deirdre: Money will retain in many cases, but it won't engage people

Measurement / evaluation



Ch8 Organizations as Flux & Transformation (unfolding logics of change)

Images of Organization --Gareth Morgan "the universe is in a constant state of flux, embodying characteristics of both permanence and change." p.241

Autopoiesis (Maturana/Varela)

Chilean biologists. Varela was a student of Varela. Maturana is still alive, in his 80s, living in Chile and coming to Boston in August 2008 for a week of conversations. They developed Autopoiesis as a biological theory and clearly had reservations (p.246) about its application to social phenomenon. However, many folks have taken this living systems approach forward into organizational settings with generative results.

Chaos & Complexity


Dialectical Opposition

p.273 Study of opposites --- Miguel: Collaboration vs competition Dealing with polarities and living within the tension between the two.

Mutual Causality

Mutual causality -- loops, not lines

Types of Orgs


p.289 --- Miguel: What about feelings, emotions? They seem to be outside the theory. "Chaos" avoids language of "crisis" - avoids a certain perspective where pain exists.



David Bohm

Bohm was a theoretical physicist who also thought and wrote about philosophy and neurpsychology. He was part of the Manhattan Project. (b. December 20, 1917, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania - d. October 27, 1992, London)

Gregory Bateson

p.246 GS Note: Edmund Husserl, the father of transformative phenomenology, is also recognized as perhaps the first person to explore "Part-Whole" theory and logic. His explorations were philosophical in nature, and they remain "confusing" to the mathematical theorists who followed him.

Ch7 - Organizations as Psychic Prisons (exploring Plato's cave)

Plato's Cave

Trap of perspective

Freud & the Unconscious




Ch6 - Organizations as Political Systems (interests, conflict, power)



Managing a pluralistic organization




Orgs as government systems


Ch5 - Organizations as Cultures (creating social reality)



We live in an organizational / industrial society

There are important cultural differences

Become an anthropologist



Ch4 - Organizations as Brains (learning & self-organization)

Ch3 Organizations as Organisms

Limitations of Metaphor

Strengths of Metaphor

Organizational Ecology

Population Ecology

Promoting Org Health & Development

Adapting Org to Environment

Like organisms in the natural world, it seems that successful organizations evolve appropriate structures and processes for dealing with the challenges of their external environments

Orgs as Open Systems

Org Needs

Ch2 - Organizations as Machines