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MindMeister Online Help by Mind Map: MindMeister Online Help

1. Help Contents

1.1. This mindmap explains what you can do in MindMeister. While you can do everything with the colorful toolbar buttons, we recommend that you remember just a few keyboard shortcuts, which will make you a much more efficient mindmeister!

1.2. This map shows you how to

1.2.1. Use the Keyboard

1.2.2. Use the Mouse

1.2.3. Share and collaborate

1.2.4. Import and Export

1.3. We recommend reading the map clockwise

2. Using the Keyboard

3. Using the Mouse

3.1. Click and drag the background to move the whole map

3.2. Drag & Drop to rearrange ideas within branches

3.3. Click twice on an idea to edit its caption

4. Share and collaborate

4.1. Click the "Share" button in the footer to invite others to your map

4.2. You can invite people via email or create a secure share link

4.3. The footer area displays other users that are currently editing the mindmap

5. Import and Export

5.1. You can import/export maps using the buttons in the dashboard

5.2. Formats

5.2.1. Import from various map files, text and more

5.2.2. Export to various map files as well as images, PDFs, PPTx, DOCx and more