My beliefs as an educator

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My beliefs as an educator by Mind Map: My  beliefs as an educator

1. Students

1.1. Behavior management

1.1.1. Positive incentives

1.1.2. Consistent discipline for unacceptable behavior

1.1.3. Teacher guidance and redirection for unacceptable behavior

1.2. Relationships with students

1.2.1. Understanding students' challenges at home

1.2.2. Recognizing special attributes about each child

1.2.3. Being a positive role model in students' lives

1.2.4. Assisting students to achieve to their fullest potential

1.2.5. Relationships with students' parents including weekly newsletter to inform parents of what is happening in the classroom

2. Curriculum

2.1. Following state standards

2.2. Adhering to Curriculum guide created by grade level

2.3. Planning together as a grade level team so that all teachers are on the "same page" each week

2.4. Research based

3. Professional

3.1. Collaborating with speech therapist, interventionists, teacher assistance team and special education to ensure that all students receive any additional services if necessary

3.2. Professional development that is put into action in the classroom

3.3. Student assessment in all subjects. Assessments are then used to "guide" instruction in the classroom

3.4. Working as a team in your grade level

4. Classroom enviroment

4.1. Non-judgemental so that all students are free to express their ideas and not feel threatened

4.2. Adequate space so that children may work in unobtrusive environment

4.3. Only functional furniture is inside classroom

4.4. Music played when appropriate to calm/comfort students while working

4.5. Teacher's attitude and excitement in the classroom