eUK Information Map

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eUK Information Map by Mind Map: eUK Information Map

1. eRep Wiki

1.1. Food

1.2. Market place

1.3. Experience points

1.4. Wellness

1.5. Organizations

1.6. eUK

1.6.1. eUK main page

2. eUK Wiki

2.1. Political

2.1.1. Choosing a party (Mar)

2.1.2. Current eUK government (April)

2.1.3. eUK government structure (Jun)

2.1.4. eUK political parties (Feb)

2.1.5. Past eUK prime ministers (Dec 07-Jun 09)

2.1.6. Recent foreign affairs (April)

2.2. Economical

2.2.1. Economics / general manager guide

2.2.2. Organizations

2.2.3. Owing a company

2.2.4. Products / raw materials

2.2.5. Quality guide

2.2.6. Running a business

2.3. Military

2.3.1. Overview

2.3.2. Guard

2.3.3. Navy

2.3.4. Paras

2.4. Misc.

2.4.1. First day in the eUK

2.4.2. How do I maintain wellness?

2.4.3. Wellness guide

2.4.4. Media

3. Hub

3.1. Portal

3.1.1. Home

3.1.2. Forum rules

3.1.3. Link accounts

3.2. Status

3.3. Military

3.4. NHS

4. CCCP Group

4.1. Fighting video tutorial

4.2. Exchange calculator

4.3. Export calculator

4.4. Productivity calculator

4.5. Wellness calculator

4.6. Training calculator

4.7. Force calculator

5. eRep

5.1. Newspapers

5.1.1. Prime Minister's paper

5.1.2. Government papers Ministry of Defence Ministry of Trade Ministry of Work Bank of England eUk Home Office National Newspaper Association

5.1.3. Forces papers Navy's Watchkeeper Guard's Guardian

5.1.4. Newbie catering Woldy's Gazette New player's guide Guide to fighting and wellness Guide to congress Guide to elections Guide to fighting smart Wellness guide War basics Alliance guide New eUKer guide HazzN's Tribulations Beginner's guide eUK forums testimonial

5.1.5. Notable Ian's Economist

5.2. Forum

6. Forums

6.1. Governmental policies

6.1.1. Current A-J Allowing the MoT to approve domestic loans Belgian independence agreement Berlin economic pact British academy Foreign exchange program Freedom of information Gifting scheme GM gifting scheme House of Lords act K-R Kangaroo economic treaty Ministerial positions Ministry of Finance bill Ministry reports bill Process of debating proposals Public inquiry bill Reserve bank of the eUK S-Z Sensitivity forum in HoC Skilled workers scheme The Raleigh treaty Transparent government Treasury and Bank of England Victoria pact Voting procedure act War protocol Young company apprenticeship program

6.1.2. Former A-N Belgian repealment act Government apprenticeship scheme Government structure and pay House of Lords Minister of Finance bill Ministry of Technological Advancement Ministry of Information and Education Ministry of migration and support Ministry of Health O-Z Voting clarity act Small party's rights Open voting system for congress proposals Regional and congressional duties Process of debating proposals Reccomended retail price Rights and responsibilities of eBelgians War protocol Wellness fast programme

6.2. How does this game work?

6.2.1. Newb Militia Tutorial

6.2.2. Level 7

6.2.3. Level 5

6.2.4. Level 2

6.2.5. Level 1

6.3. Announcements

6.3.1. List of your council members

6.3.2. Forum rules

6.3.3. Status of the eUK Discussion topic

6.3.4. eUK guides

6.3.5. Official eUK IRC channel

6.3.6. Contacting admins

6.3.7. It's official

6.3.8. London council roles

6.3.9. How this forum works

6.3.10. Attention (new rules)

6.4. Introductions

6.4.1. The Royal Guard

6.4.2. The eUK military

6.5. General

6.5.1. Show your new ranks here

6.5.2. Increasing the eUK population

6.5.3. British academy

6.5.4. RH house auction

6.5.5. MI6 recruitment

6.6. Non eRep related

6.7. Regional

6.7.1. Support

6.7.2. Ministry of Migration

6.7.3. London Vote up thread London armory London welcome baskets London gifting scheme London council Congress PM campaign London for the masses Honourary residents Budget time Election protocol Voting hall Current legislation

6.7.4. East Midlands East Midlands council East Midlands clinic Gift baskets Congressmen sign-in Vote up Assembly updates Suggestion box

6.7.5. North East Welcome again HoC office North East HoC office North East clinic North East important info

6.7.6. North West Manchester city council

6.7.7. Northern Ireland Introduce yourself here Northern Ireland social benefits office Northern Ireland congressional office How you can help NI social benefits office Norn iron tribune New flag of Northern Ireland Senate Senate session 3 Senate contitution Archives

6.7.8. Nova Scotia

6.7.9. West Midlands Welcome new citizens West Midlands user group

6.7.10. Scotland Clan council Public forum

6.7.11. South East Gossip corner New to the forums? Congressmen sign in Buddy / mentoring project Suggestions for the South East

7. IRC

7.1. UK channel