Issues at East Side High

By: Wafa & Julie

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Issues at East Side High by Mind Map: Issues at East Side High

1. Bullying

1.1. Cause

1.1.1. The students would bully one another for the same reason people bully in general. At East Side High, the students most likely bullied for fun, jealousy and more. If anything, the students could have bullied because they thought it was cool. Maybe to those students it was cool to beat up people. They might have felt like they had more power and strength.

1.2. Effect

1.2.1. Students were locked into lockers, the students laugh at one another and call them names.

2. Chaos

2.1. Cause

2.1.1. The teachers have very little power against the students because they don't care about school. The students don't like to others. When a few students don't listen to the teachers, that influences the other students too. The students are very careless.

2.2. Effect

2.2.1. In the gym, cafeteria, etc. Staff try to get the students attention but they don't care and decide not to listen. When the bells rings for students to get out of class, students start fighting each other, windows get smashed and everything goes crazy.

3. Bad Education

3.1. The students don't listen to their teachers and there is barely any learning going on in the classrooms. Most of the time, students are just socializing with each other.

3.1.1. Cause The cause of this is most likely the teachers. All students are rebellious, you need to teach them discipline as well as studies.

3.1.2. Effect The effect of this is the students not being able to get jobs when they're older and them not passing the basic skills test. If this happens, the city must take over the school.

4. Violence

4.1. The students at ESH are always fighting. In the "after" part, the students harassed each other as well as their teachers.

4.1.1. Cause The older students in the school set an example for the you get ones. If they are always hurting each other, the younger students will do the same.

4.1.2. Effect Violence was a very big issue at ESH until Mr.Clarke showed up. The effects of this violence was the Vice Principal ending up in a coma.

5. Drugs

5.1. Drugs is also a big issue. Students buy from and sell to each other. They do it empty halls and staircases an it seems like most of the students are addicted.

5.1.1. Cause If one student starts to do drugs of any kind, their friends will most likely start as well (peer pressure).

5.1.2. Effect If too many students are addicted to drugs, then they won't be focused on studying. That may lead to failing.

6. Freedom

6.1. Cause

6.1.1. The teachers seem to be afraid of some students. The teachers tend to try to stay away from the students. This making the students have more "power" then the staff. Making them think that they can do whatever they want.

6.2. Effect

6.2.1. The students decide not to listen or co-operate with the staff. When the students don't listen they are careless. The students are able to get away with drugs, fights, abuse, vandalism and much more. The staff try to stop these problems but just don't have enough power.

7. By: Wafa & Julie