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Nutrition by Mind Map: Nutrition

1. RN

1.1. change diet, not medications

1.1.1. could be more convenient for patients cheaper and easier

1.1.2. Complimentary and Alternative Medicines getting better by ways other than medicine

1.2. extra tips on healthy living for patients

1.3. more knowledgable about nutrition than nurses who didn't get nutrition degree

1.3.1. more job possibilities

1.3.2. higher salary

2. Personal

2.1. can be applied to my daily life

2.1.1. if I have personal stories, patients would be more willing to give it a try

2.2. this is something that really interests me

2.2.1. I've always known I wanted to get into Nursing but I didn't realize how much I liked nutrition until college

3. Goals

3.1. working as a nurse in a hopsital

3.2. Geriatrics?

3.2.1. not enough geriatric nurses LOTS of job opportunities

3.3. Surgery?

3.3.1. the adrenaline rush would be fun

3.4. Nurse Practitioner?

3.4.1. more freedom to do my job

3.4.2. more schooling...