Outliers and the Devins family History

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Outliers and the Devins family History by Mind Map: Outliers and the Devins family History

1. John Robert Devins- Outlier of the Devins Family

1.1. John Francis Devins

1.1.1. John Richard Devins John Thomas Devins John Devins Youngest child, 1858-1920 Moved to Ontario to because John was employed as a factory worker at CCM bicycle plant Moved back to a farm and well respected on the farm- Margaret had a green thumb and John Thomas enjoyed horses purchased one of the first motor cars and left it to his sons 1894-1959- married Cora Mae Locke in 1918 John Francis born on May 4, 1926 when the Depression hit, Cora and John struggled as he tried to build his cattle and she helped out

1.1.2. Married Velma Alberta Margaret Forster in 1950

1.1.3. bore 4 girls and 1 boy

1.1.4. purchased 150 acres

1.1.5. Got into the Cattle business, buying purebreeds from France, Austrailia, etc.

1.2. Son of John Francis born April 16, 1959

1.2.1. Married Susan Lynn Meldrum Had 3 kids- 2 daughters and a son susan has job at Fourseasons moves to singapore married in 1984

1.3. Graduated from University of Guelph in 1983

1.3.1. first boy to go to college and then pursue a career outside of farming.

1.3.2. got an agriculture degree