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FFAI Brain Mapping and Uploading by Mind Map: FFAI Brain Mapping and Uploading
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FFAI Brain Mapping and Uploading

Brain Simulation

3D Reconstruction

3D imaging


PET scanning

MRI and fMRI

MRI tract imaging

traditional tracing


like "genome"

identify how parts of the brain connect to each other

connectivity both at the cellular level and at the "module" level

traditional approach

gross neuroanatomy

fine neuroanatomy


inject tracer substance into one part of the brain

it gets transported along neural connections

look where it comes out


actual tracing

gross 3D reconstruction



precisely map the structure of the brain or parts of the brain

map local circuits

map general connectivity (connectome)

map individual connectivity and state


understanding brain function

we need much more wiring diagram info in order to understand brain function and validate theories

brain simulation and "mind uploading"

if dualism is false, a physical simulation of the brain should result in a functioning mind

test this idea directly by performing a full physical simulation of the brain


non-invasive brain scanning

staining-slicing-serial scanning

extensive image processing and 3D reconstruction

high performance simulation