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Googleoids by Mind Map: Googleoids

1. Google Calendar

1.1. Gadgets for Google Calendar

1.2. Google iCal support (Mac)

1.3. ScheduleOnce into GCal

1.4. Labs in Google Calendar

1.4.1. Screencast DG of GCal Labs

1.5. Scheduling

1.5.1. Beyond Freemium - TimeBridge

1.5.2. Alternatives to GCal

1.6. Extend Google Calendar with these Firefox add-ons

2. GMail

2.1. Gmail Labs

2.1.1. Send+archive combo button economizes Gmail

2.1.2. Gmail feature lets recipients know where you are

2.1.3. Gmail's search gets suggestive with labs add-on

2.2. Gmail now properly reads PowerPoints, TIFFs

2.3. How To: Have Multiple Signatures in Gmail

2.4. Gmail now lets you insert images directly into emails!

2.5. How to Make Gmail your ultimate productivity center

3. Google Maps

3.1. Help customers find their way with GMaps

3.2. HOW TO: Get the Most Out of Google Maps

4. Google Contacts

4.1. GContacts - Start of CRM?

4.2. Alternatives

4.2.1. Cloud Contacts - turns phone pics into online business cards

4.3. Sync

4.3.1. Spanning Sync (Mac Address Book)

5. Entrepreneur?

5.1. Social Media and Forums

5.1.1. FriendFeed | All Things Google

5.1.2. Twine | Google

5.2. Google Apps

5.2.1. Google Reseller Program

5.3. Google Analytics

5.3.1. A Guide to Google Analytics and Useful Tools

6. Google Docs

6.1. GDocs gets collaborative-drawing feature

6.1.1. Drawing on Creativity (Goolge Blog)

6.2. Open up most files with Google Docs automatically

6.3. Changes to Google Docs hint at GDrive release

7. Google Reader

7.1. Following, liking and people searching

7.2. Google Reader Gets a Social Makeover

7.3. Feedly (RWW)

7.4. GReader - Comment system

8. iGoogle

8.1. Zoho Gadgets connects you to iGoogle


9. Picasa (Images)

9.1. Picasa for Mac; Better Than iPhoto?

9.2. Picasa's Mac uploader now downloads too

10. Google Search

10.1. What is Google thinking?

11. Google Voice

11.1. How Google Voice Works - Video (Mashable)

11.2. First Impressions by Paul Stamatiou

12. Google Wave

12.1. Debating the power of Google's Wave

12.2. Is The World Raedy? (Mashable)

12.3. Explore Google Wave (Feedly search)

13. Google Analytics