The Culminating Task

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The Culminating Task by Mind Map: The Culminating Task

1. Visual composition

1.1. In my collage I will add numerous elements while studying Visual composition like:

1.1.1. Typrgraphy I will have writing throughout my project using elements of typography such as baselines, caplines, bowls etc.

1.1.2. Principals of design Since I am doing a collage, I will have a lot of pictures which I will be sure to include some elements and principals of design such as contrast, different kinds of light, texture etc.

2. Media

2.1. In my collage, I will add numerous photos that has something to do with the impact of media on my subject. I was thinking of adding photos of advertisments or magazine articles to show the impact of media and how much it influences my topic.

3. E-Learning

3.1. In my collage, I will include some sort of E-learning element. I was thinking of taking an add off a site and put it on my collage that has something to do with my topic to show digital access and how much it can help.


4.1. For my topic, I have chosen to do child abuse and how it should stop to help change the world to make it a better place.