Jodi's KWHL Map for Educational Technology EDU590

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Jodi's KWHL Map for Educational Technology EDU590 by Mind Map: Jodi's KWHL Map for Educational Technology EDU590

1. What do I KNOW about educational technology?

1.1. I know how to implement lessons using a SMARTBoard

1.2. I know how to use ExploreLearning Gizmos to teach Science and Math.

1.3. I know how to use PowerPoint to create presentations.

1.4. I know how to use social media such as Facebook to share thoughts and ideas.

1.5. I know how to use FaceTime and Skype in the classroom to enhance learning of different cultures and regions of the country.

1.6. I know how to use Fotobabble to share a mobile photo and audio content in real time.

1.7. I know how to use Google Drive to share and collaborate assignments.

1.8. I know how to create a classroom blog using sites such as Blogger to communicate with parents and students.

1.9. I know how to assist other educators on how to navigate technology programs and locate quality resources on the Internet.

1.10. I know how to use Prezi to create fun and interesting presentations.

1.11. I know how to use instructional media, such as Discovery Education Streaming to further enhance classroom instruction.

2. What do I WANT to know about educational technology?

2.1. I want to broaden my knowledge of technology programs and resources available to educators.

2.2. I want to learn which technology programs enhance and support each of Marzano's Nine Instructional Strategies.

2.3. I want to learn from other's experiences using technology in an educational setting...what works and what doesn't.

2.4. I want to know more about what career choices are available for someone with a master's degree in educational technology.

3. HOW am I going to find out about educational technology?

3.1. Read "Using Technology with Classroom Instruction That Works" by Pitzler, Hubbell, and Kuhn

3.2. Be an active participant in all discussion boards and class wikispaces.

3.3. Research and evaluate educational websites.

3.4. Read educational e-magazines, such as Edutopia, for current technology practices.

3.5. Learn from other professionals in educational technology.

4. What did I LEARN about educational technology?

4.1. I learned about Creative Commons regarding the use of photos available on the internet

4.2. I learned how to use MindMeister for mind-mapping and brainstorming ideas.

4.3. I learned how to create a WebQuest of my own and become familiar with websites such as Zunal and QuestGarden.

4.4. I learned about so MANY websites and iPad resources to be used in the classroom supporting the 9 Categories of Instructional Strategies.

4.5. I learned how to collaboratively work with a group on a google document.

4.6. I also learned, through group technology surveys, about the inequalities among schools regarding available and up-to-date technology tools and resources.

4.7. I learned to navigate Wikispaces and PBWorks collaboratively with other students.

4.8. I learned about Assistive Technology devices,of which I had no prior knowledge of what was available.

4.9. I learned more about the ISTE and how they can support technology in education.

4.10. I learned about a new from of communication using the program Glogster. I can't wait to "play" with that website!

4.11. I learned what an amazing book "Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works" is...and I will continue to use it as a resource in the future.