Flood Alert Team Office

This is my evolving plan to create a collaborative gamified simulation environment. I'm using a 'Flood Alert Team' scenario so we have something meaningful to work with to develop the learning design.

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Flood Alert Team Office by Mind Map: Flood Alert Team Office

1. ...need to make decisions about... [evidenced by discussion in group forum]

1.1. Roles and responsibilities of team members

1.2. Public info and warnings

1.3. Resources to deploy

1.4. Other teams in the simulation to contact

1.5. What other information is needed from external sources (the web)

1.6. What info to share with other teams in the simulation

1.7. What info to try to get from 'in game' sources [hidden in password protected posts

2. ...provide regular inputs of information (via NEW SCHEDULED to the home page)...

2.1. MET Office

2.2. Emergency Services

2.3. Media

2.4. Local Government

2.5. Local Community

3. ...need to create documents, plans, communiques etc. [evidenced as published blog posts]

3.1. Press releases

3.2. Formal Flood Alerts

3.3. Media interviews

3.4. Risk plans

3.5. Info to send to or share with other teams in the simulation

4. ...provide regular inputs of information [via AUTO-UPDATE POSTS that overwrite themselves]...

5. ...provide information in response to the Flood Team's actions [via MANUALLY PUBLISHED POSTS] e.g. on request, 'phone a friend', when a milestone is reached

5.1. Lecturers acting as 'players' (e.g. experts, other teams) in the simulation

5.2. External 'real' experts

6. PLEASE NOTE: I don't know anything about flooding. This is just to demonstrate how the environment/simulation will work. If you actually know about what flood alert teams do, please contact me.

7. might be in the UI

7.1. Clock showing time in simulation

7.2. Twitter stream for the simulation [embed for players/facilitators to share info]

7.3. progress bar

7.4. wiki

7.5. group forums [BuddyPress]

7.6. player profiles [BuddyPress]

7.7. collaborative post writing plugin (can't remember name)

7.8. quiz plugin

7.9. polling [for group decisions]

8. ...provide some info and possibility of more info if player can answer a question correctly [via REVEAL MORE POSTs]