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Open Food Facts - Roadmap 2013 by Mind Map: Open Food Facts - Roadmap 2013
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Open Food Facts - Roadmap 2013

Crawl ecommerce websites (Carrefour, Auchan...)

How can we gain more products coverage?

Partnership with stores (organic food for example)

Partnership with food product companies

Promote opendata in the food industry

Lobby the government to force opendata/publication of product characteristics in the food industry

Distribute leaflets prompting local producers to add their products at Le Salon de l'Agriculture and other such events

Propose a mode in the App to ask the user to scan a specific kind of product (can you scan a Bread Loaf ?) that is under-represented in the DB

How can we get more qualitative coverage?

e.g. better pictures, more complete and accurate data etc.

Make UI improvements to streamline additions

Prompt the user when he is home via random (and few) notifications around lunchtime "Hey wanna open your fridge and contribute ?"

add a cooking time field

Use several clues to orient images properly

How can we get more visibility for the project?

In the press?

In the scientific community?

On social networks

in Education

In specialized conferences, exhibitions...

Get listed on the Chrome Webstore

Streamline social media posts

How can we promote reuse of the data?

Add interfaces for diet planners e.g. cron-o-meter, etc.

Contact Google to have the data integrated in the Knowledge Panels

Use microformats to make data discoverable by search engines

How can we improve the site?

Recruit more developers, not only contributors

How can we improve the mobile apps?

Features for users (and not just contributors)

How can we boost international versions and communities?

native apps

How can we build stronger contributor communities?

Add value to contribution (status for example, see StackOverflow point system)

How can you edit this mind map?

Please do edit, add and comment on this mindmap!

You can create a free account to edit the map:

This mind map started on January 18th 2013.

This is an evolving roadmap, you can edit it anytime

How can we improve the existing data?

Harmonize brands, categories, labels, packaging etc.

Add more data

Move to Wikidata

Link data with Freebase/Wikidata (using Brands and Companies)

How can we make adding products easier or faster?

Automate the process as much as possible

Get inspired by Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Radically simplify the UI

Who is interested in contributing and discussing this roadmap?

Please add your name (or userid on OFF)

Would you be interested to discuss it by video conference? (e.g. on Google+)

Would you be interested to meet in Paris in February?

What cool things could we do with the data?


Add geographical info as much as possible (link with Open Street Map)

Special projects


Differences in products from one country/region to another

Meat Scandal: where does the ingredient in a product come from ?

Partner with health organisations

How can we recruit more contributors?

Target specific communities who can be interested by some aspects of the data we are gathering

Enable connection using the Wikipedia authentification, OpenID, Google, Facebook and Twitter

What else can we open besides food?



Prescription drugs


Open Food Facts roadmap This is a mind map to create the 2013 roadmap for Open Food Facts, a free, collaborative and open food products database : #opendata This mindmap also exists in French: The 2 mind maps will be kept in synch (manually), you can contributer to either of them. Or if you can, it's even better to add your contributions to both.

How can we get rid of the Big Bad Backlog ?

Add missions related to completing items

Gamify item edition

Allow mass edit

Make assumptions to mass fill some fields

Add this link to the left sidebar: and name it: help us complete the products