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RCSL by Mind Map: RCSL
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RCSL (Robo-Con Service Layer) is a layer that helps service consumers to retrieve content details in ways that suits their needs as well as performing other operations related to the business needs. All requests can combine the common parameters with operation-specific parameters to get better filtered and customized output. please note that the service will be available via normal http/https connection with a username/password send in each request header with RSA encryption for the sent password

Content Retrieval Operations









User Profile

sample output for the bellow operations are the bellow:

Verification operations

Playlist operations

User Operations

Common Parameters




Other Content Related Details




This server URLis:  http:///rcsl/lookup Please note that all the bellow methods need the bellow parameters (check common paramters): outputtype type lang

Get All Categories List

Get All Albums List

Get All Artists List

Get All Genres List

Get All Models List

Get All Models List By Brand

Get All Brands List

Get All Mimes List

Get All Mimes by content Type

Get All content Types

Get All Category Types

Get All News feed contents

Get All Interests

Get All Countries

Get All operators

Get All Operators per country

Get Operator Categories

Get Operator Categories V2

Get Radio Categories V2

Security & Authentication

The Service layer authentication layer based upon a sent "username" & "password" value in all the required operations in the http(s) request header. with encrypting the password with RSA 1024. encryption steps: 1- ask for your username & password from 2- send your username in your http request header as "username". 3- use the recieved public key to encrypt your password before sending it. 4- to convert your encrypted password to string please use Base64 encoding String. 5- send your password in the http request header as "password" to test your integration you can use the bellow URL:

Charging Gateway

The bellow is the response output sample:


msisdn:Mobile number to be charged. [mandatory] action:charge , checkbalance or refund [optional default: charge] amount: charging amount [mandatory] purchaseitem: Item to be charged [optional] vendor: item provider [optional] operatorId: operator ID (to be retrieved from lookup service) [mandatory] userAgent: user mobile model.[optional] details: more details to be stored in the purchase transaction. [optional]


This service will be responsible for the customer charging activity (charging, refund or check balance) the charging action will be available based upon the integration with mobile operator

Sample URL


Used to retrieve all of artists, albums and tracks that match the keyword



Document Log

(23-Jan-2014) Add MCC and MNC to common parameters (23-Jan-2014) Add operator categories to lookup (23-Jan-2014) Add autocomplete to utilities (23-Jan-2014) Add orderby parameter to Content Retrieval Operations - Artist (25-Jan-2014) Added Radio channels' Listing to Lookups (25-Jan-2014) Added the ability to retrieve content by code to be comma separated values to retrieve multiple content peices at once. (27-Jan-2014) Add limit parameter to autocomplete