Test Evaluation

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Test Evaluation by Mind Map: Test Evaluation

1. Reliability

1.1. Test - Retest

1.1.1. Same test given more than once Test for consistency in scores

1.2. Alternate Form or Equivalence

1.2.1. Equivalent tests given Estimate eliminates practice & memory possibilities

1.3. Internal Consistency

1.3.1. Measure single basic concept Split-halves Method Kuder-Richardson Methods item–total correlations KR20 formula

2. Validity

2.1. Content Validity Evidence

2.1.1. Simplest

2.1.2. Test Question Inspection

2.2. Criterion-Related Validity Evidence

2.2.1. Concurrent Validity co-efficient Comparison to established test

2.2.2. Predictive Predicts future behavior Example: Aptitude Tests

2.2.3. Construct Relationship to theories

3. Why important?

3.1. To establish numerical and logical confidence in a test