Road Accident on a Rainy Day

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Road Accident on a Rainy Day by Mind Map: Road Accident on a Rainy Day

1. How do you want to start the story?

1.1. Meng Yao

1.1.1. Sound

1.2. Louis

1.2.1. My rainy day introduction

1.3. James

1.3.1. My rainy day introduction

2. Resources





3. Good questions to have answers to before you write

3.1. What are the conditions which lead to a road accident on a rainy day?

3.1.1. The car was speeding down the road

3.1.2. The car was at full speed

3.1.3. Puddles of water were everywhere, making the road slippery and dangerous

3.2. How would a driver react when he needs to brake suddenly?

3.3. How would a car behave if brakes are applied while the car is moving at high speed?

3.4. Which perspective are you using? The victims? The Driver? God-like?

3.4.1. Meng Yao Driver

3.5. Who is the LEAD? Victim? Driver? Bystander?

3.5.1. Meng Yao Driver

3.6. What factors have caused the driver to lose concentration?

4. Personality of your Characters




5. SETTING (How would you describe the weather?)

5.1. Examples

5.1.1. The rain was a sad melody, gently tapping on the panes of my frosted glass window. The sound, however, seemed to be muffled, as though it was coming from miles away. However, it did not fail to annoy me, as I tossed and turned on my tiny bed. The sheets on my bed tangled with my legs, the demin jeans I let stay on, when I was wide-awake and reluctant to do anything but give in to the temptation of nap, was scratching against my legs, making them itch, persistent languid fingers stroking them, an itch that would not be erased too easily. Just then, the world felt to have slipped from beneath me, as though it was a flimsy structure, as I landed face-first on the parquet floor. Swift as a cat, I would jolt up, the pain in my nose unrelenting to succumb as I started to rub at it, my vision clearing rapidly. My eyes, barely even bleary, adjusted to the darkness, darkness that was clawing it's way in, making little progress. I could just envision the dense clouds, the rain drops sized like a chickpea shattering into smithereens just as it came into contact with the ground, just as fragile as glass. My head spun as viciously as a whirlpool, as I rose unsteadily to my feet, stumbling over air as I strode lazily to the bathroom, my arms and legs feeling leaden.

5.1.2. The rolling thunder growled like a beast in its dying throes yet refusing to succumb, crying out in its final breathe. The intense, persistent rumbling woke me from my slumber. I stretched to my fullest, held that position for a couple of seconds before relaxing and letting out a tired yawn. I refused to wake up but I knew it was time. As I squinted through my bleary eyes and stared lazily out of my window, I saw streams of water cascading endlessly down the glass panes, the gentle pitter-patter in the background creating a soothing rhythm. Reluctantly, I tore myself from my soft sheets and walked unsteadily to the bathroom.

5.2. Meng Yao

5.2.1. The sky above was full of tumultuous, dark, ragged,clouds

5.2.2. It was a cold grey afternoon with a dull sky and threatening rain

5.2.3. Black ominous clouds covered the sky and released a sudden shower

5.2.4. Thick black clouds and thunder rolled in from the west and rain began to fall

5.2.5. The dark clouds grew ominous

5.2.6. Thunder came marching from far away with increasing tread

5.2.7. Lightning and thunder raged with fury

5.2.8. A flash of forked lightning and a great clap of thunder came close upon one another

5.2.9. A bolt of lightning tore across the sky and a peal of thunder came close upon each other

5.2.10. Lightning flashed and thunder roared across the sky

5.2.11. A curtain of rain beat down from heaven

5.2.12. Rain pelted down from sky

6. What kind of feelings, actions, thoughts, reactions and more actions (FAT + ARM) do you expect from the different people?

6.1. Driver

6.1.1. Before the crash?

6.1.2. During the crash?

6.1.3. After the crash?

6.2. Victim

6.2.1. Before the crash?

6.2.2. During the crash?

6.2.3. After the crash?

6.3. Bystanders

6.3.1. Before the crash?

6.3.2. During the crash?

6.3.3. After the crash?

7. How do you want to end the story?