Education Technology

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Education Technology by Mind Map: Education Technology

1. Plan

1.1. Goals

1.1.1. Goal 1

1.1.2. Goal 2

1.2. Rules

1.2.1. Session Rule 1

1.2.2. Session Rule 2

1.3. Define Problems

1.4. Capture Ideas

1.5. Prioritize Ideas

1.6. Define Action Points

2. What do you WANT to know?

2.1. How to use the different websites and resources that are available to me?

2.2. How can I then apply that to my classroom for the benefit of my students?

3. What did you LEARN?

3.1. Resources for creating a rubric

3.1.1. Sub Idea 1

3.1.2. Sub Idea 2

3.2. How to create a technology enriched lesson plan.

3.3. How to create a fotobabble and create a webquest via Zunal.

3.4. There are a lot of educational technology resources available to use.

4. How are you going to find out?

4.1. Do more research in this area.

4.2. Ask more questions of those with the expertise.

4.3. Get as much out of this program as possible.

5. What do you KNOW?

5.1. That there are a lot of websites and resources available to use.

5.2. How to use Microsoft Office.