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Four by Mind Map: Four

1. Theirs a girl (named Sarah) that he likes but mark (an ex) is being a baby about Sarah liking John

1.1. John has saved Sarah from a burning house

2. The escape

2.1. When they get to the end of the passage way they open the door and two Mogadore scouts are standing at the door waiting for them

2.1.1. As they fight, they can hear the Beasts coming so they run back in to the school to heal Henri. After healing him they try to get out of the school and to the woods when they hear the worst sound you could ever hear the roar of a beast

2.1.2. Henri shoots the scouts. As they make there way acrossed the parking lot Bernie starts to growl, he runs and sinks his teething into a scout that appeared out of know where

2.1.3. Then there were more of them (at least twenty) they started to close in on them, so Sarah and Mark went back into the school and John, Henri, and Six fought for a long time but the Mogadorians just kept coming. As they fight Henri gets stabbed in the gut by a Mogadore

2.2. John, Sarah, Mark, Henri, and Six are trying to get out of the school through a secret exit under the stage

3. The Mogadore are at john's school

3.1. John and Sarah are hiding in a class room when they met number 6

3.2. They have to fight their way out of the school

3.2.1. Number six kills a Modadore scout

4. Mogadore is two times the size of Lorien

4.1. Earth is five time the size of Mogadore

5. Can't stay in one place long enough to make friends

5.1. Sam is one of his new friends

6. Home planet Lorien

6.1. Where he left from when he was a baby

6.1.1. The Modadore destroy him home planet, that's why he had to leave so him race didn't

7. There is a world called Mogadore

7.1. Where his enemies live

7.1.1. His enemies are trying to kill him

8. He has episodes called legacies

8.1. His first legacy was lights in his hands

8.2. His legacy is fully formed

8.3. His legacy is the ability to resist heat and his hands glow

9. Doesn't get angry very easily

9.1. Let a lot of stuff slide

9.1.1. Very passive

10. Names

10.1. Daniel

10.2. John Smith

10.3. Number Four

11. Alien

11.1. Human looking