Stem cell technology

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Stem cell technology by Mind Map: Stem cell technology

1. cell background

1.1. major types of stem cell

1.1.1. totipotent (omnipotent) stem cells

1.1.2. pluripotent stem cells

1.1.3. multipotent stem cells

1.1.4. unipotent cells

1.1.5. Oligopotent stem cells

2. advantage

2.1. self-renewal

2.2. improvement in medical science

2.3. increase the birth rate

2.3.1. solve aging problem

3. applications

3.1. study how organisms grow

3.2. study the growth of disease

3.3. test different substances (drugs and chemicals) on stem cells

3.4. cloning

3.4.1. Reproductive cloning

3.4.2. Therapeutic cloning

4. function

4.1. differentiation

4.2. recover the injured part of the body

5. comparison

5.1. innovation

5.1.1. Induced pluripotent stem cells(iPSCs)- Reprogramming of adult human cells

5.2. old method

5.2.1. Reproductive cloning

6. disadvantage

6.1. easy to be stolen by the others for illegal using

6.2. organ abusing

6.2.1. e.g.the person who has tobacco addiction will not willing to give up smoking because he can have a new organ to replace the original one

6.3. extend the age-the resources can't burden

6.3.1. e.g.populations explosion

7. introduction

7.1. IPSCs is the newest technology for stem cells. We can use a part of our body regenerating to the basic stem cell, then it can be developed to any organ. That means we can replace the pathological changes' organ from the basic stem cell. It is better than the old stem cell technology which is embryonic stem cells cause the old one need an embryos to develop a new organ. That means we need to kill an embryos to create an organ but IPSCs need not. That is the difference of the IPSCs and the embryonic stem cells.