Super 8 - Lasse, Jakob og Olivia

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Super 8 - Lasse, Jakob og Olivia by Mind Map: Super 8 - Lasse, Jakob og Olivia

1. Characterization (maincharacters)

1.1. Joe

1.1.1. Courageous He likes a good adventure, and he is not afraid, when he knows there is a point in doing what he's doing. He has a lot of guts. This we see when he's confronting the monster.

1.1.2. Curious We see an example of this, when i picks up the cube at the ''crime scene,'' but also when he shows big interest in the Air Force, the old movie they find at the school, and in his fathers buisness.

1.1.3. Caring He cares a lot about Charles and his movie. Even though he's not very happy to do it, he offers his homemade train, 'cause it means so much to his friend. Plus, he puts his own life at risk, when he tries to save Alice.

1.2. Alice

1.2.1. Sorrowfull She has a secret. Even though she loves her dad, her mom left her, and at the scene where she has to act, we all get the feeling that there is a lot more to her, than just the popular girl who drives a car without a drivinglicens

1.2.2. Selfless She puts her friends before her. She's not afraid of helping her friends, even if it puts herself in danger.

1.2.3. Serious She's serious with the things she likes to do. She is really trying to be great at acting, and she tries to really feel the role, when Joe paint her as a zombie. She is a smart girl, and in most of the episodes with Joe, Charles, Cary, Preston and Martin she knows what to do, and she's keeping her nerves down.

2. Other characters

2.1. Charles

2.1.1. Charles is the boy whoms desire is to make a movie. He's the guy who's filming, and directing the movie the friends are attending in as actors. Sometimes he puts his movie before his friends, an example is, when he want to destroy Joes train. He's also fancying Alice, and his best friend is Joe. He has about 4 siblings, and he is living in a very stressfull enviroment.

2.2. Cary

2.2.1. Cary is a very brave guy. He's with Joe down in the tunnels, and Cary is also the one who seeks the monsters attention, so Joe can get Alice free. So you can say that Cary is hero. Cary is short, and he has a addiction to firework and everything that says ''boom.'' He has always sparkles and gunpowder in his pocket, and that saves his life (and others) through the movie.

2.3. Jackson

2.3.1. Jackson is Joe's dad. He's a deputy, and the working sheriff - (when the former sheriff disapered). He is struggeling a bit with raising Joe, and there is no doubts that Jackson Lamb blames Ron Eldard (Alice's father), for his wifes death. He is stubber, brave and very protecting. He tries to have control over the situation, when the monster attacks and the airforce take over town. He's also following his own thoughts istead of the air force, eventhough he knows that he puts himself in danger.

3. Genre

3.1. Super 8 is a Horror/thriller movie

3.1.1. Other horror movies Piranha

4. Film review

4.1. Olivia

4.2. Jakob

5. Discussion

6. Marketing/advertising

6.1. Powerpoint: