Ms Cassandra Sleepless Mission

Just an initial demo map, so that you don't start with an empty map list ...

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Ms Cassandra Sleepless Mission by Mind Map: Ms Cassandra Sleepless Mission

1. View Photos

1.1. Select the first/next photo

1.2. Gaze at Her photo...

1.3. Stroke and edge on it...

1.4. Imagine She were just like that in front of You...

1.5. Stroke and edge on it...

2. Devotion Email

2.1. Turn into words all the devotion and lust for Her

2.2. Write a short paragraph

2.3. Edge on this words

3. End of Night

3.1. Send email

3.2. Wonder how it would be if She allows You to cum

3.3. Prepare yourself to the presence of the goddess

3.4. Fullfill Her call form

3.5. Notify Her by chat and ask if You may call Her

3.6. Wait, slowly edging... very slow...

3.7. Will She allow you to cum?

4. Read Blog

4.1. Read first/next post

4.2. Absorbs Her thoughts

4.3. Read comments

4.4. Edge on all you read

4.5. Share your feeling in a comment too