United Kingdom and Europe

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United Kingdom and Europe by Mind Map: United Kingdom and Europe

1. Blair's Britain in Europe : a new opportunity?

1.1. Tony Blair, former Prime Minister before May 2010

1.1.1. He choosing to cooperate to achieve the goals Britain could not achieve alone.

1.1.2. For him, standing aside in the longer term could well impose hight cost for the UK

1.1.3. He decided, in 2003, to not join the euro, bcs Blair government came to the conclusion that convergence would be damaging to british economy

1.1.4. Member of Labour Government

1.1.5. He think the only solution for the UK is to stay in the EU

2. 3 options for britain in Europe

2.1. 1. Come out

2.1.1. Disastrous for Britain millions jobs at risk dried up inward investment Destroyed Britain's clout in international trade

2.2. 2. Stay in but in the sidelines

2.3. 3. Stay in with a leading role

2.3.1. The path who the New Labour government took

3. The euro debate

3.1. Britain's membership and single currency has been static since 1997

3.2. Ruling out membership in the 1st wave was right, according to Blair

4. 3 conditions for Britain join the next Parliament

4.1. The Council of Ministers should agree, Parliament and finally the people have to say yes in the referendum.

5. timeglider

5.1. http://timeglider.com/t/772ed6f4ae05f966

6. The institutions of EU

6.1. Council of the European Uion

6.1.1. In charge of policy-making

6.2. European Commission

6.2.1. Executive organ of the community Biggest of the European Union's institutions

6.3. European parliement

6.3.1. Votes Community's annual budget

6.4. Court of Justice

6.4.1. It has the final word on all aspects of community law

6.5. European Central Bank

6.5.1. Main task is to support the euro's purchasing power and to maintain price stability in the euro area.

6.6. Lisbon Treaty (2007)

6.6.1. This treaty also made the bill of rights of the Union, the Charter of Fundamental Rights legally binding.

7. David Cameron, Prime minister since 2010

7.1. Member of Party Liberal Democrat

7.2. Eurosceptic

7.2.1. http://lnp.sn/4Pz

7.3. But not clear position about the EU

7.4. Cameron proposes a referendum on the European Union by 2017,to stay in Europe or not

8. England has the advantage of the EU budget, but when it is not even adopted the euro! Why has remained in the Union?

9. Against EU

9.1. Nikki Sinclaire MEP

9.1.1. http://www.yourmep.org/

9.1.2. Partly based on a request for a referendum to stay or not in the EU

9.2. united kingdom independence party

9.2.1. Leader : Nigel Farage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9RI5W_cU8w

9.2.2. This party is gaining popularity

10. For the EU

10.1. Liberal Democrats

10.1.1. Leader : Nick Clegg http://www.nickclegg.com/

10.2. Ex Prime Minister Tony Blair

11. The problem is that english people doesn't know take compromises, because tey never had to do since millenium. And so a Europe directed by Bruxelle is a big problem for them.

12. All in French

12.1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5V8RGrKgCY

13. Glogster

13.1. http://www.glogster.com/edit/g-6l0kvuasrgpjbepf46pf0a0