Active Regeneration

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Active Regeneration by Mind Map: Active Regeneration

1. Dependency? Is a Regenerator also a regeneration? D2D needed.

1.1. grep -i stuck F* in /var/local/filepool/Logfiles

1.1.1. emc203227 "Centera: How to isolate and correct stale Remote System ID (RSID) entries".

1.1.2. emc204616 "Centera: Regeneration stuck due to blobs in database not on disk".

1.1.3. emc203506 "Centera: Regenerations are stuck after disks/nodes are revived following a dual failure".

1.1.4. emc216479 "Centera: Regeneration stuck due to offline disk".

1.1.5. emc205053 "Centera: Regeneration stuck on an overprotected Content Protection Parity (CPP) fragment".

1.1.6. emc211803 "Centera: Regenerations erroring with invalid protection field/PCR has errors and not completing".

1.1.7. emc228511 "Centera: Regeneration encounters BlobSpaceException: Could not fetch next entry for string index"

1.1.8. emc228735 "Centera: Regeneration stuck due to retrieveFragmentBlobUnconditionally() failed".

1.1.9. emc230979 "Centera: Regeneration restarts due to I/O error"

1.1.10. emc232035 "Centera: Regeneration stuck on offline disk that has already successfully regenerated"

1.1.11. emc233441 "Centera: ProtectionLocationManager: Protection locations were not completely migrated"

1.1.12. emc235479 "Centera: Regeneration encounters "Regeneration stuck for corrupt blob""

1.1.13. emc259089: "Centera: Regeneration not progressing due to "Max wait time exceeded in copier""

1.1.14. emc259137: "Centera; Regeneration unable to to retrieve fragment blob due to LockTimeOut"

1.1.15. emc213169 "Centera: Regeneration stuck due to "Not enough locations (1/7) to regenerate blob".

1.2. grep -i err F* in /var/local/filepool/Logfiles

1.2.1. emc225717 "Centera: Regeneration failed: NoCapacity."

2. "Unknown Status" emc217507