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My New Mind Map by Mind Map: My New Mind Map

1. Technology Theories

1.1. SCOT

1.1.1. Social Construction of Technology

1.1.2. view that technology does not determine human action

1.1.3. human actions shapes technology Our needs and wants influence technological design and modification Technology can be retrofitted or changed to assist in the development or advancement of itself

1.2. Media Ecology

1.2.1. Study of media environments can media and technology be studied/treated as an environment(s)

1.2.2. Role of technology in connecting people and the sharing of information

1.2.3. how media communication affects our understanding Is it positive or negative

2. Learning theories

2.1. Constructivist

2.1.1. Learning is constructed

2.1.2. New Knowledge is built on or connected to prior knowledge Real world problem solving implemented

2.1.3. prior knowledge influences what new knowledge will be acquired or modified Motivation by student interest

2.1.4. Learners assume responsibility for own learning Meta cognitive skills are developed Students develop independent learning skills

2.2. Cognitive Load

2.2.1. mental Schema's are formed Helpful to present information to students in meaningful chunks

2.2.2. 3 types Extraneous, Intrinsic and Germane

2.3. Connectivism

2.3.1. Learning is the process of creating connections and developing a network Schools can use tools to help people find information they want/need Email Eportfolio Twitter

2.3.2. knowledge is a set of connections between your experiances Capacity to know more is more critical than what is already known

2.3.3. learning is a process of connecting specialized nodes

2.4. Behaviourism

2.4.1. Learning occurs as a response to distinct stimuli Reward and Coercive power base of teaching

2.4.2. Learning causes physical change in mind Breaking down tasks into small manageable segments

2.4.3. Positive and Negative behavioral influences Positive and Negative reinforcement

2.4.4. Learning is seen as a function of change in behavior Breaking down tasks into


3.1. Three Types of Knowledge

3.1.1. Content

3.1.2. Pedagogy

3.1.3. Technology

3.2. Effective teachers understand that each of these areas of knowledge and the inter-relationships between them are important when it comes to developing an understanding.

3.3. TPACK focuses on the relationships between the three main types of knowledge

3.3.1. Pedagogical content knowledge Teaching of specific content

3.3.2. Technological content knowledge Applying technology related to the content

3.3.3. Technological pedagogical knowledge Knowing how to support teaching with technology

3.4. All of the the types of knowledge are then related to each other forming TPACK- technological pedagogical and content knowledge

4. Philosophy of Teachnology

4.1. Teachers will develop their own personnel views or philosophy of teaching

4.2. Identifying ones personnel beliefs, style and praxis.

4.3. Personnel to each and every teacher.

4.4. Philosophy of technology identifies how technology connects with the above and how it is utilized in the classroom.

4.4.1. Technology can also be used in areas such as professional development.

4.4.2. Videos

4.4.3. Interactive models

4.4.4. Presentations