Site "Xeela"

Ksu Ksu
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Site "Xeela" by Mind Map: Site "Xeela"

1. Back-end

1.1. Dashboard

1.1.1. Announcements

1.1.2. Members

1.1.3. Categories

1.1.4. Review/Comments

1.2. Plugins

1.2.1. Tooltips

1.2.2. Abuse reports

1.2.3. TicketSystem Ticket List Ticket settings

1.2.4. Messenger Mail Settings Mail Templates Message Types Portal messages Account Messages

1.2.5. SiteMap

1.2.6. Affiliate Module

1.2.7. Ads Campaigns

1.2.8. Referral module

1.3. Settings

1.3.1. Constructor Category Constructor Main Settings Additional Settings Field Constructor Display FieldType Data Source

1.3.2. Site Settings Locate Settings Default Timezone Default Locate General Settings Google Analytics Id Site Description Date Format Time Format Site URL Site Title Head Scripts/Styles Search Page Portal Page Notification Update Frequency

1.3.3. Images Settings Save it to Specifiс folder (by default ../images) Thumbnail size (150X150) Category Icon (24X24) Picture size (800X600) Watermark (Picture, Text) layout type

1.3.4. SEO Block SearchEngine Index Robots.txt setup

1.3.5. Output Data Settings Autoloading content on page scroll Display on page (number of data blocks on page)

1.4. Static Pages

1.5. Users

1.5.1. User List

1.5.2. Role Manager

1.5.3. Portal commercial settings

1.6. Menu Constructor