Wellaroo site map (non-mobile)

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Wellaroo site map (non-mobile) by Mind Map: Wellaroo site map  (non-mobile)

1. Dashboard

1.1. Alerts/notifications

1.1.1. New symptoms

1.1.2. New remedies

1.1.3. Entry for test results

1.1.4. New questions for diagnostics

1.1.5. Life organizer reminder

1.2. Widgets

1.2.1. Diagnostic widgets, enter symptoms w1 w2 w3

1.2.2. Scoring widgets, display only

1.2.3. trending widgets, entry is under health analytics

1.3. Check in

1.3.1. Lifestyle choice question diet habit

1.3.2. diagnostic Severity question Question on a specific symptom/CF

1.3.3. CF Food medicine Lifestyle Environment

1.3.4. Designated by settings

2. Assessments

2.1. output

2.1.1. standard list of questions rating y/n depending on answer, goes to downline CF qs

2.1.2. if first time, check-in questions, applicable to any assessments

2.1.3. reporting

2.2. by assessment type

2.2.1. symptom symptom pattern mind/mood body burden index metabolism digestive nervous

2.2.2. structure anthropometric measurements posture

2.2.3. Constitutional metabolic typing skin typing prakruti (yurveda) body type (TCM) talent

2.2.4. environment diet lifestyle exposure

2.2.5. community intention

2.2.6. single symptom

2.3. assessments page new

2.3.1. symptoms

2.3.2. the different categories of the assessments are here first time is frontloaded to every one.

3. Remedies

3.1. Import results

3.2. Search ad-hoc/acute remedy

3.3. Filter remedy list

3.3.1. By dosha

3.3.2. By system

3.3.3. By quality

3.4. carts?

3.4.1. Remedy cart

3.4.2. CF cart

3.4.3. Diagnostic cart

4. Diagnostics

4.1. Personal medical records

4.1.1. Scans

4.1.2. Blood

4.1.3. Hair

4.1.4. Urine

4.1.5. Poop

5. Organizers

5.1. My Cookbook

5.1.1. Filter Cuisine Menu Symptom Personal care Household Holiday Budget Season Holistic strategy Accompaniments

5.1.2. Add

5.1.3. Share

5.1.4. Customize

5.1.5. Print

5.1.6. Schedule

5.1.7. Main body Navigate by category Meals Small bites Sides Beverages Desserts Select recipe Display recipe body

5.1.8. search

5.2. Life Planner

5.2.1. Calendar view Day Month Week

5.2.2. Calendar controls within view context? Add to shopping list Add to CF/Remedy

5.2.3. Filters? Cookbook Menus Activities Pickups Practices Recurring meds

5.3. reminders

5.4. Pantry planner

5.4.1. basic setup by season

6. Community

6.1. Forums

6.2. COA

6.3. ONAAT

6.3.1. Overview

6.3.2. Steps

6.3.3. Templates Sample emails Sample letters

6.3.4. Brochure maker Select template Trifold Select CF Need to understand flow better, bucket category here temp Issue Solution Photo Title Logo Symptoms References

6.3.5. Submit your story submission form Submit button

7. Settings/ preferences

7.1. Select location appears

7.1.1. Selection items Condition Symptom Diet Remedy CF Diagnostic Test

7.1.2. Locations Check-in Cookbook Organizer

7.2. Set reminders

7.2.1. Reminder types Check-in frequency Cookbook make-ahead Shopping Personal care Diagnostic

7.3. Billing

7.3.1. Select plan

7.3.2. Manage payment information

7.4. General

7.4.1. Name

7.4.2. Email manage