Electromagnetism Waves

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Electromagnetism Waves by Mind Map: Electromagnetism Waves

1. Properties

1.1. Transverse Waves

1.2. Constant Speed: 3x10^8 m/s

1.3. refract and reflect

1.4. Waves oscillate perpendicularly

2. Effects of Radiation

2.1. Defiinition: High energy EM waves

2.1.1. UltraViolet Rays(UV)

2.1.2. X Rays

2.1.3. Gamma Rays

2.2. Process: ionization radiation cause electrons to gain enegy

2.2.1. Then it escapes atoms causing it to be unstable cause mutation

3. EM Spectrum

3.1. Consists of: EM Waves at a continuous range of Frequencies

3.2. HIgher the frequency= more energy and lower wavelength

4. Radio Waves

4.1. Lowest Frequency ,Longest Wavelength

4.2. Reflected from the electrically charged layer of the atmosphere(lonosphere)

4.3. can reach receivers far away

5. MicroWaves

5.1. Are radio waves with short wavelengths

5.1.1. able to broadcast higher volume of info due to increased freq.

5.2. used to cook food with fluids

5.2.1. water molecules rotate rapidly causing heat to be generated food can be cooked uniformly

6. Infrared(IR)

6.1. used in night vision

6.1.1. by amplifying ambient infrared radiation

6.2. creating thermal imaging

6.2.1. detecting infrared radiation emitted by objects

7. Ultraviolet Radiation

7.1. exceesive sunlight causes sunburn and even cancer

7.2. used in sensitive documents

7.2.1. passports

7.2.2. money

8. Visible lights

8.1. perceived by eye

8.2. produced by luminous objects

8.3. used in photography and fibre optic ETC.

9. X rays

9.1. have high freq and high penetrativity

9.2. used in airports to scan baggages

9.3. are ionization radiation

9.4. differences in absorption by different materials


10.1. highest frequency in the EM spectrum

10.2. radioactive decay of nuclear waste

10.3. used to treat cancers but have side effects

10.4. used to sterilise equipments