Electromagnetic Waves

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Electromagnetic Waves by Mind Map: Electromagnetic Waves

1. General Properties

1.1. Transverse Waves with electric and magnetic fields that oscillate 90 degrees to each other

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1.2. Transfer energy from one place to another and do not require any medium to travel

1.3. 3.0X(10 to the power of 8) m/s in vacuum and slow down in mediums like water and glass

1.4. Velocity = Frequency x Wavelength

1.5. Carry no electric charge and obey the laws of reflection and refraction

1.6. Frequencies do not change when they travel from one medium to another.

1.6.1. Training

1.6.2. Channels

1.6.3. International

1.6.4. Public Sector

1.6.5. Sales

1.6.6. Marketing Communications

1.6.7. Product Management

2. Effects of Electromagnetic Waves

2.1. Infrared Heating

2.1.1. Enable us to feel the heat from due to infrared waves which carry radiation

2.2. Ionisation aand ionising radiation

2.2.1. 1. Irradiation of human tissues damages proteins, nucleic acids, and other vital molecules in cells. It also damages chromosomes and the DNA in chromosomes.

2.2.2. 2. Xray imaging may cause the birth of a deformed baby and also cancers due to abnormal cell division pattern.

2.2.3. 3. Overexposure may cause premature ageing and shortening of lifespan

3. Different types

3.1. Radio Waves

3.1.1. Application Radio broadcasting, wireless telegraphy, telephone transmission, tv, radar, telecommunication and navigation.

3.2. Micro Waves

3.2.1. Application In microwaves, create friction by causing water molecules in food to vibrate. Satellite TVs

3.3. Infrared Waves

3.3.1. Application Remote controllers for TV or HIFI systems, intruder alarms, ear thermometer, military tanks

3.4. Visible Light

3.4.1. Application Seeing things, telecommunication, optical fibres

3.5. Ultraviolet Waves

3.5.1. Application Sunbeds for artificial tanning, germicidal lights for sterilisation

3.6. X-rays

3.6.1. Application Xray images for diagnosis, airport scanners, radiology and radiography

3.7. Gamma Rays

3.7.1. Application Directed at cancerous tumours to kill cancer cells