Opening of Film First 30 Seconds

Just an initial demo map, so that you don't start with an empty map list ...

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Opening of Film First 30 Seconds by Mind Map: Opening of Film First 30 Seconds

1. Introduce Character

1.1. Running

1.1.1. Shot of feet only

1.1.2. Shot of behind

1.1.3. diegetic sound of heavy breathing

2. Introduce antagonist

2.1. Zombies

2.1.1. Diegetic sound of zombie like moaning on top of running shot No zombie shown yet

2.2. Later include long shot of zombie/protagonist chase scene from behind

3. Introduce Setting

3.1. City

3.1.1. Rooftops

3.2. empty streets

3.3. Long Shots mainly

4. Add titles through out

5. Occassional Close ups

5.1. Burning paper

5.2. broken glass

5.3. Newspaper

5.4. Step in puddle

6. Occassional Medium shots

6.1. Hanging phone left in phone box

6.2. alleyway shots

6.3. shot of the back of the protagonist