You are living in 1850's America. The nation is on the brink of civil war with one of the biggest...

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You are living in 1850's America. The nation is on the brink of civil war with one of the biggest issues being slavery. Some are for it because it is economical for farmers and provides them a living. Others feel blacks and whites should be equal and have the same rights. Now you must decide what path you take by Mind Map: You are living in 1850's America. The nation is on the brink of civil war with one of the biggest issues being slavery. Some are for it because it is economical for farmers and provides them a living. Others feel blacks and whites should be equal and have the same rights. Now you must decide what path you take

1. You and Hise take the the runaways into the woods and put them on horseback. You make a quick through the woods and come across another station, a small shack near a swamp. You and the slaves rest for the night. They will continue their journey and you will go home to help more runaways

2. You go home and wait till it is safe to transport the runaways. Days pass and finally it is safe to transport the runaways to Hise's farm. The journey is over but there will be another one soon

3. You make a run for it but the wagon is much slower than the slave catchers on horseback. You and Wise are captured and sent to jail under the fugitive slave act. Your sentence is short but you are saddened to hear the family was sold to all separate owners. You are more determined than ever to fight slavery

4. At first the slave catchers are very suspicious but Mr. Wise comes up with a believable story and the slave catchers eventually leave you alone. You then race to the safety of Mr. Wise's home where the slaves will be safe on their journey to freedom

5. You try to drive past the stranger but he asks you to stop. The man is named Daniel Hise he uses the code word for slaves so you think you can trust him. The man has spoken to Updegraff and heard there are slave catchers on the road. You aren't sure if you should go home or follow Hise.

6. It turns out the man is Daniel Wise a fellow abolitionist who is concerned about slave catchers that have been in the area. You bring him with you to take the slaves to safety when you approach a gang of slave catchers blocking the road

7. You greet the man and tell him to go hide in your barn with other runaways. You borrow the man's tattered clothes and go out looking for the slave catchers. You eventually run into them and they question you asking if you've seen a runaway slave. You say you saw a black man but he was a freed man heading to Cincinnati. The men leave but now you are forced to send the slaves you were protecting to another stop on the underground railroad

8. It was a trap! as soon as you open the door a group of white men burst in demanding to know where you are hiding slaves. You tell them you don't have any slaves and during the commotion the slaves you were hiding escaped. Your home has been ran sacked but now you hate slavery even more

9. You put a lantern in your window so runaways know they can seek safety in your home. One night a suspicious looking black man that you have never seen comes knocking on the door. He tells you he is running from slave catchers and asks to stay in your home

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10. You set up a secret compartment in your wagon to transport runaways. Your first job is to transport a family of three slaves. Everything is going smoothly until you round a bend and see a man standing in the road. It could be a trap but you aren't sure

11. You have always believed slavery is wrong. You belong to the Society of Friends, or the Quakers. The Quakers think slavery is wrong but some members think it is wrong to break the law and help them. You do not. You buy a farm in Mount Pleasant, Ohio. While in town one day you meet David Updegraff, a prominent abolitionist and member of the underground railroad. You ask if you can help. Updegraff offers you a job as a conductor who moves slaves from station to station or as a station master who feeds and houses slaves as they pass through

12. You know the boy is lying but let him go. You think you could have sold the boy but you will get more money for Henry. You decide to check Philadelphia for a sign of Henry

13. You take the boy prisoner and bring him back to the jail. You find out the boy is from a plantation in Virginia and got lost in the woods. The sheriff writes a letter to the boy's owner in Virginia. As you leave the sheriff stops you and tells you he heard abolitionists from Philadelphia have been helping slaves like Henry. You decide to check Philadelphia for a sign of Henry.

14. The Sheriff confirms that a slave was brought in but he escaped two days ago. The Sheriff is convinced the slave wouldn't make it very far in the woods unless he was helped by Harriet Tubman and the underground railroad. If Henry was helped by Tubman he could already be in Philadelphia but he could still be in the woods

15. The next day, you ride all over the county, searching the woods. You come across a black figure crouching behind a tree. You ask him what he is doing. The boy says he is running an errand for his master Mr. Stanley. You know Mr. Stanley and know he has no young slaves. The boy says he was bought last week. You ask for his pass allowing him to travel off the plantation. He says he lost it and starts to cry. You can leave the boy go or take him prisoner

16. The men enter a building. This could be the abolitionist's meeting place. You watch the building for awhile and to your amazement the man comes out alone. You approach him and ask if his name is Henry Jones. You realize once you are close that it isn't Henry but you figure you could capture this runaway while you're at it. You pull out a set of shackles as the man screams "Slave catcher!" The door opens and a group of men burst out and surround you. You barely make it out the crowd and hurry back to your wagon. You decide to just tell Mr. Ridgely you couldn't find him. He offers you work if he needs help in the future

17. You return to Maryland and give Mr. Ridgely the news. He is disappointed but says he will contact you sooner if another slave runs away. You know there will be more work from Mr. Ridgely and other slave owners in the future

18. No one has seen a slave matching Henry's description. You ask the patrollers, men who search the area looking for slaves. One of the patrollers, a local storekeeper, says a slave was just taken to jail for stealing a chicken. Another man says the slave escaped into the woods before they got to the jail but the storekeeper is sure he saw him in the jail

19. You arrive in Philadelphia, a dangerous city for a slave catcher because of the local abolitionists. You spend multiple days watching known underground railroad stations. You hire a black informant to spy on the house of William Still, a man known to help slaves. The informant tells you he saw a man just like Henry at Still's home. You watch the house yourself and see a man who looks like Henry leaving one night with several other men. It's too dangerous to confront them alone. A mob of Abolitionists would probably kill you. You can either follow the men and see where they go or return to Maryland and tell Mr. Ridgely the slave is lost

20. You wake up the next morning and Mary is gone! The chain is still there but the lock is broken. You know Mary could have gone in any direction so you choose to not chase her and instead head home. Maybe Mr. Ridgely still needs help finding his runaway

21. You sneak into the woods with your pistol and look around. Eventually you hear a cough. You warn the person that you'll shoot unless they identify themselves. It turns out to be Mary, who you punish afterwards by making her stand up while she sleeps and taking away tomorrow's food. You arrive at the plantation where a little black girl runs up to Mary yelling "Mama." Mary is in tears as she is scolded by the Master's wife. The woman gives you the $50 reward which will provide food and clothes for several months

22. You decide the trip back to the plantation will take too long. You take Mary to the nearest auction house in the following days. A crowd gathers and a line of slaves are brought out and inspected like animals. Mary is brought before the crowd and three white men compete to buy her. She is sold to the highest bidder for $200. You get your share of the sale which is $100. The auctioneer tells you to come back anytime if you had another specimen like her. You think you've found yourself a new job.

23. You tie Mary up and begin the long journey to her owners farm. The trip will take a week but it will be worth the reward. You travel by wagon, chaining Mary up at night so she won't escape. One night you're awakened by a noise. You draw your pistol and peer into the dark woods. You hear a slight rustling noise. It could be an animal or something else

24. You arrive at Hampton and enter a huge room filled with expensive furniture. You ask Mr. Ridgely about the runaway slave. He tells you the slave is one of his favorites, Henry Jones. He says Henry has been gone a few weeks but you are determined to find him. If you find him in the county you get $50, outside the county you get $100. Mr. Ridgely agrees to pay your expenses giving you 6 cents a mile and $2 a day. Now where do you look? Someone local might have seen him leave. He could also have taken the underground railroad to Philadelphia

25. The notice says Mary was recently sold to a nearby farmer. You search the woods and eventually find a small camp. Sure enough, a young black woman is staying there. You sneak up on her with a pistol and capture her. You know you can get the $50 reward or you could try to sell her at an auction for more money. You have to decide

26. All your life you have lived on a small farm in Maryland. Your family has always been poor. A few months ago a local plantation owner asked if you find one of his runaway slaves. You found the runaway and the owner gave you a reward. You realize you can make money catching slaves. You read about an offer about catching a runaway from Mr. Ridgely's plantation called Hampton. You also see a notice offering $50 for the return of a young black woman named Mary who ran away from a plantation in Virginia. You have to choose which slave to try to catch

27. You take a train to Canada where you arrive in Toronto. There you learn about a settlement called Elgin that is a community made up of mainly runaway slaves. Your father buys a small farm in Elgin and you attend school for the first time with both black and white students. If you and father save up enough money you will buy your mother and brother and bring them to Canada

28. You are taken by wagon to a black church who help the underground railroad. They help you get to Cincinnati where Abolitionists help father find work and place to live. You hope you have finally found freedom

29. As you approach the man you realize he is black and standing next to a boat. He informs you he is a part of the underground railroad and offers you a ride across the river. There you meet John Rankin, who helped many slaves escape. He offers you shelter for the night but warns them it is not safe there because of the fugitive slave act which allowed slave catchers to return slaves found in slave states. Rankin suggests you either go to Cincinnati and work with other former slaves in the city or flee to Canada where slavery is illegal

30. The water is freezing but you are so close to freedom. You swim as fast as you can but soon realize the river is much bigger and faster than you thought. Weeks of travel with little food and sleep has exhausted you. The last thing you see is your father's head bobbing up and down in the water as you are plunged below

31. Father shows the man his pass and you both continue on. You run through the woods for days with little sleep or food. Danger is all around you. Finally you make it to a river where you can see a house on top of a hill. You also see a man walking up and down the shore with a lantern. You ask father what to do

32. It turns out your father knows the man. He offers shelter in a cabin in the woods. Once there father tells the man about the plan to make it north to freedom. As you walk into the cabin the man locks the door behind you and father. It was a trap. You are both chained at gunpoint and sent back to the plantation where you face severe punishment or death

33. You arrive at a massive plantation. You are taken to the owner and put to work in the sugarcane fields the next day. You wonder if you will ever see your family again. The odds are not in your favor.

34. Later that week, Master Clay realizes that father isn't coming back. A slave trader arrives the next day and chains your wrists. You are taken away on a rough and uncomfortable journey by wagon and boat for several days

35. You and father make a plan. He will get his pass to leave the plantation and wait for you until it is dark so you can join him. Everything goes according to plan. You and your father walk all night when suddenly you see a black man on horseback come around a bend in the road

36. You live on a plantation owned by Brutus Clay. Your family hears rumors that Master Clay is going to sell some slaves which could mean being separated from your family. You are torn between running away with your father who plans to get money and buy the family after getting his freedom or your mother who wants to stay with your baby brother

37. 3. You are an Abolitionist

38. 1. You are a Slave

39. 2. You are a Slave Catcher

40. The Underground Railroad: An Interactive History Adventure