Carsten Brüggmann

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Carsten Brüggmann by Mind Map: Carsten Brüggmann

1. Audio Direction

1.1. Game Audio Design

1.1.1. Must support the games intention

1.1.2. Create the audio design under ongoing cooperation with game design and production

1.1.3. Create a design to fit the technical guidelines of the hardware

1.1.4. Create an Audio Design that hasn't been there before

1.1.5. Find the best relation between quality and costs

1.2. Audio Production Planning

1.2.1. Asset list creation

1.2.2. Resource Planning

1.2.3. Task planning under production guidelines

1.2.4. External Outsourcing Plan

1.3. Outsourcing

1.3.1. Aquisition of external partners under budget and project guidelines

1.3.2. Instruction of the external partner to the project milestones and assets

1.3.3. Ongoing dialog and control of external asset creation

2. The face

3. Job History

3.1. Audio Director / Sound Designer Unreleased Action-RPG (XBox360/PS3/PC)

3.2. Audio Director / Sound Designer Velvet Assassin (XBox360/PC)

3.3. Sound Designer Contract FPS (XBox360)

3.4. Tool Coder / Gameplay Coder Hitman Bloodmoney (PC/PS2)

3.5. Gameplay Programmer Electronic Arts

3.6. Application Designer German Defence Ministry

3.7. Officer of the German Airforce

4. Portfolio

4.1. Velvet Assassin Portfolio

4.2. Sound Design Examples

5. Audio Implementation

5.1. Audio Tools

5.1.1. Unreal Editor

5.1.2. FMOD

5.2. Deep knowledge of the Game Implementation Process (6 years of gameplay programming)

5.3. Evaluation of new implementation software

6. Audio Asset Production

6.1. Sound Design

6.1.1. Creation of different kinds of sonic characterstics

6.1.2. Design with love and passion

6.1.3. There's a smart idea for everything!

6.1.4. Modular design tools Plogue Bidules PD

6.2. Studio Recording

6.2.1. Voice Over

6.2.2. Foley

6.3. Field Recording

6.4. Audio Edit

6.4.1. Protools (7/8)

6.4.2. Samplitude 10 Professional

6.4.3. Logic Pro

6.4.4. Audio Editors Sony Soundforge Acoustica Pro

6.5. Audio Mix

6.5.1. Ingame samples Mono Stereo 6 Channel

6.5.2. Cutsequences Ingame gfx based Video playback based