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The Following by Mind Map: The Following
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The Following

Ryan Hardy

Wrote about the capture of Joe Carroll in a book titled "The Poetry of a Killer"

Former FBI agent

Alcoholic with a pacemaker courtesy of Joe Carroll

Shoots Jordie as he's holding Claire at gun point

Racks up guilt over the mounting deaths cause by Joe's followers

Sister gets taken hostage by Maggie Kester

Revealed he broke up with Claire Mathews so she could move past Joe Carroll.

Officially deputized and given a gun by Parker.

Held at gun point by Jacob, Paul, and Emma. Eventually gets loose, frees a hostage and kills another minor follower.

Held at gunpoint by Joe Carroll but is allowed to live so he can be a part of Joe's 'novel.'

Claire Mathews

Joe Carroll's ex-wife

Ryan Hardy's former lover

Visits Joe Carroll in prison and reveals she and Ryan saw each other for 2 months

Told by Joe's lawyer to be at Broad Street & 26th if she ever wants to see Joey again.

Meets her 'follower', Charlie, assigned by Joe Carroll to watch her and report back on her every move.

"So Joe's free and now I get locked up."

Joe Carroll

College professor of literature until arrested and charged for killing 14 girls

Fathered a child in 2002 with Claire Mathews

Obsessed with Edgar Alan Poe and based his murders on imagery in "The Tell-tale Heart" and "The Black Cat"

Mad that Jordie was not killed by Ryan as planned.

Very happy Ryan killed Rick Kester.

Calls in his old lawyer over whom he now has some power and has her read an excerpt from E.A.Poe's "The Mask of Red Death"

Escapes prison during a transfer with help from the warden.


Pretends to be 1/2 of a gay couple living next to Sara Fuller to gain her trust.

Records a video of him teaching Joey how to kill animals and sends it to Claire

Revealed he's been lying about having killed before. He's actually never killed anyone.

Lets Megan escape from the basement so he doesn't have to kill her

Abandoned by Emma after he and Paul barely escaped the FBI at the farmhouse.

Paul Torres

Pretends to be the second 1/2 of Sara Fuller's gay neighbors.

Doesn't like the idea of Denise calling the shots and not knowing the plan

Gets annoyed with watching Joey while Denise and Paul hook up

Kidnaps a clerk (Megan) from a convenience store and brings her back to the house so he isn't the 'third wheel'

Kills the two neighbors who find Joey as they are calling the cops


Nanny for Claire Mathews

A follower of Joe Carroll who was planted to kidnap Joey after Joe's escape

Student of Joe Carroll's in 2003

Killed her own mom

Converted her house in a kind of lair for Joe Carroll's followers

Jacob's girlfriend

Revealed she planned the setup on Sara Fuller and the idea for Jacob and Paul to pretend to be gay.

Uses a stun gun on Ryan to torture him via his pacemaker (Joe Carroll's idea)

Agent Mike Weston

FBI agent good with computers

Ditches duty with Ryan to follow Maggie Kester home

Gets chummy with Ryan on the trip to Brooklyn to save Ryan's sister

Kill Maggie Kester before Ryan's pacemaker completely stops

Rick Kester

Hiding in Emma's house wearing a mask, jumps out and knocks out Ryan

Sets on fire a book critic who gave Joe Carroll's book a scathing review.

Stabs and kills Joe's old dean who denied him tenture

Returns home to get Maggie but is shot by Ryan as the two were escaping

Suicidal Girl

Stripped down to her underwear and stabbed herself in the eye in front of the FBI the day after Joe Carroll escaped from prison

had E.A. Poe's "The Raven" written all over her body.

Chapter Guide


Chapter 2

The Poet's Fire

Mad Love

The Siege

The Fall

Let Me Go


Prison guard who help Joe Carroll Escape

Was being tutored by Joe on how to become a serial killer

Kills 9 girls at the Delta Rho Gamma sorority house at Winslow University

Fails at killing Claire OR getting killed by Ryan, which was Joe's plan...

After selling out Maggie Kester to the FBI, commits suicide in his hospital bed

created for:

All photos by Michael Lavine of FOX

Maggie Kester

Found at Rick Kester's house and fools Agent Parker into thinking she's a victim

Stabs Agent Reilly to death

Escapes as Ryan shoots her husband

Has been seeing Joe Carroll in jail for 8 years.

Tries to kill Ryan by placing magnets on his chest to stop his pacemaker.

Joey Mathews

Son of Claire Mathews and Joe Carroll

Kidnapped by Denise

Getting manipulated by the trio while trapped at the house by being made to kill animals.

Calls home on an untraceable satellite phone and gets out a description of the house before getting cut off.

Escapes briefly to the neighbors but is found by Emma as they are calling the cops.

Meets his dad.

Agent Parker

FBI agent in charge of Joe Carroll investigation

cult expert

Gives Joe Carroll a copy of "The Complete Works of E. A. Poe" to read in jail

Tricks Jordie into revealing Maggie Kester is one of The Following

Finally lets Weston and Ryan go to Dutchess county to track their last lead on Joey's location.

Tries to connect with Emma by revealing she hates her parents also.


Claire's follower. Ex-army, dishonorably discharged for psychiatric reasons, killed 9 enemies, and 4 civilians. Friend of Roderick


Joe Carroll's lawyer who give Joe updates from a contact within the FBI

Killed by Joe to torture Ryan.