Theories and Frameworks

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Theories and Frameworks by Mind Map: Theories and Frameworks

1. Technology Theories


2.1. 3 Types of Knowledge

2.1.1. Content Knowledge Knowledge about the subject area

2.1.2. Pedagogical Knowledge Knowledge about how to teach

2.1.3. Technological Knowledge Knowledge of the different types of technology tools that can be integrated into teaching and how to use them

2.2. The knowledge teachers need to teach effectively with technology

2.3. Good teaching requires an understanding of how technology relates to pedagogy and content

2.4. Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge

2.5. Gives educators a simple framework by which to conceptualize the role of technology in teaching and learning

3. Learning Theories

4. Philosophy of Teachnology

4.1. Your beliefs about how technology can and should be used in your teaching practices

4.1.1. The personal values of how teaching can integrate technology into the classroom and into the learning experience

4.2. Connects a teachers philosophy of teaching with technology

4.3. Great idea to include a Philosophy of Teaching when applying for teaching positions